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    I think we all see the same feed around the world with different commentary, in this race I saw that like Nascar the FOM or FIA were constantly updating the gap between different drivers according to their running order which I think is very important as I was looking from lap 20 to them to find out when will Button & Alonso catch the bad marker as they did on lap 24-26. Also in the qualifying they constantly showed the lap time of all the drivers. I think it is a very good thing as many times the cameras are pointed at the front of the field & we don’t get to see what is happening at the back.

    Are there any other ways the feed can be improved? Sometimes on board shot will be great as sometime the race gets very boring.Some more replays in the middle part of the race when nothing too much is happening as I wanted to see the on board shot of Alonso sliding the car exiting Parabolica on lap 10-12 I think.

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    Yes the run through the field showing the gaps is new, and it is good. I like how NASCAR keep the field status constantly updated.

    The directing at Monza was terrible. It is usually a bit better, but still pales in comparison to US autosport broadcasting. The other idea I like from the US broadcasters is their ‘run through the field’, where they briefly follow each driver and give an update on their race, with a number of reporters in pit row getting feedback from each team. The BBC only has a single person on pit row, and he often only gets 1-2 updates throughout the race from the big teams, nothing more. Louis is usually at the driver media area ready to talk to drivers who have been knocked out of the race – but they definitely do not spend enough time showing highlights of the midfield and the back of the pack.



    Some people on twitter are today claiming a major shake-up of the coverage for 2011.

    Apologies if it’s been mentioned before…



    I found it annoying. Maybe for a stupid reason but I love trying to read what is being shown on the drivers display, like speed, laps (Webber) or in 2009 the KERS in %, mixture settings, … and it is easy to watch realtime drivers delta onboard. With this new system alot of the cars displays are blocked.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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