Top 5 F1 tracks.


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    Thought I’d resurrect this thread that was on the old forum. It’s as simply as the title suggests just pick your top 5 tracks.

    For me:






    They’re all quite close. Monza’s always been my favourite but I;ve started to really adore Monaco. The other 3 are very close though.

    I love ths speed of Monza and Ascari chicane. It’s such a unique track with loads of kerbs. The speed of Suzuka obviously appeals too and I think sector 1 is just mind blowing. I can’t get over 130R either, everytime I think of it I picture Alonso’s move on Schumi.

    I love the challenge of the other 3 though which I think are real racers tracks.

    There’s loads of tracks on the calendar I love. If we could bring back any track then I’d love San Marino/Imola and it would be in my top 5 definitely. I know it isn’t what it once was but in its last years it provided some epic racing and I still like it.

    Top 5 Tilke tracks:

    1/ Malaysia




    5/A. Dhabi

    It was close with Turkey and Singapore but I dlo like a street circuit. Singapore isn’t the best for flow and maybe it’s a bit long (it should still have all those bumps too) but I like it. There’s not much that special about Turkey bar turn 8 but it is generally a nice track. I like turn 1 as it seems to be a corner that requires great accuracy esp at the start.

    Malaysia’s p1 as it is a nice, fast circuit. It has some corners I love and it has mental humidty which provides the biggest challenge for a driver during a race I think. I don’t know how they survive it.

    The worst tracks ever for me have to be Zeltweg (just draw a golf club and that’s basically the shape) and the Tanaka International Circuit which I think held the Pacific round twice back in the 90s.

    Also as Germany is rotating which track do you prefer? Nurb. or Hock.?



    My Top 5 are


    2.Silverstone( the old version dispite I do liked the new one)




    I don’t seem to like any of Tilke track but Turkey which I think is one of the unique & good track in the world.I like Nrburgring.




    1. Spa

    2. Suzuka

    3. Silverstone

    4. Sepang

    5. Melbourne

    4 and 5 are included as I really like driving them in F1 games :)

    And Melbourne is mostly the start of the season and brings a good feeling with it :)

    Spa is a track I can keep driving, and as a Belgian I have to love it :)



    My Top 5 are:

    1. Spa

    2. Montreal

    3. Interlagos

    4. Melbourne

    5. Monaco



    My top 5 are:

    1. Spa

    2. Interlagos

    3. Monaco

    4. Melbourne

    5. Suzuka


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I can’t really pick a favourite circuit. And not simply because everyone has the same favourites. As much as I love seeing new rounds added to the calendar, I prefer the actual racing over the layout. So, if Shanghai produces a good race but Spa does not, then I’ll like Shanghai more than Spa, at least for that year.


    sbl on tour

    one stands out a mile , a race weekend at monza, (1999,2004,2006) camping and then kipping out at the track the night before, makes the hairs stand on the back of your neck, history, ghosts, atmosphere.

    It doesnt get any better, conversely went to barca last year and nearly fell asleep under that big alonso stand during the race


    sbl on tour

    aka the monza gorilla!!!



    Here’s my overall Top 5:

    1. Monaco – the more things change, the more they stay the same, especially here.

    2. Spa – not a fan of Nouveau Bus Stop, but everything else is still awesome.

    3. Suzuka – the original title-town. so many memories…

    4. Monza – fastest circuit on the calendar, and you are surrounded by tradition. racing is not as good as it used to be, though.

    5. Interlagos – so what if it has crummy facilities? it has the best fans in the world, and has seen 5 successive titles clinched there – even if it wasn’t always the last round. and all 5 brought drama to the very end.

    Honorable Mentions: Montreal, Silverstone, Singapore


    Dan Thorn

    Does it have to be current tracks? If not then:

    1) Monza

    2) Imola

    3) Spa

    4) Osterreichring

    5) Monaco

    Monza is just the best. Nothing can come close in terms of passion, history and atmosphere and I MUST go to a GP there one day.

    Imola has always been a wonderful circuit in all of its guises. I don’t know how but even the chicanes are brilliant corners, each with their own unique memories for me.

    Spa is Spa. The perfect race track? I reckon so.

    The Osterreichring had the scenery and the speed, and Monaco is a glorious reminder of all that F1 used to be, and behind the politics and the business, can still be.

    Of the Tilke tracks Malaysia is the best in all aspects. Until they added that horrible section I liked Bahrain too because it’s a little bit different and has a couple of good corners as well as good passing opportunities. Of the two German tracks I think I prefer the Nurburgring – it flows better and has a good combination of slow and fast corners. That said, the final sector of Hockenheim is just so brilliantly old school – narrow and bumpy with rapid camber changes and it gives some great onboards.

    I also have a soft spot for the old French tracks: Reims, Rouen, Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon and Paul Ricard.


    sbl on tour

    the ostereichring, fla me thats a good one, was there in 82 and watched from the bosch curve, can still see piquet and patrese going round that is if on rails

    also saw tommy byrne on the sat practice, pity he never made it cos he was class

    sbl on tour



    “Does it have to be current tracks? “

    Whatever you want. I just used current tracks as those 5 are my top favourites anyway pretty much (except maybe Watkins Glen and Imola would be in there) and over the years so many great tracks have been butchered or aren’t up to F1 safety standards today that I thought if I stuck to the calendar then it would be easier. Feel free to say any tracks you like though, I don’t mind.

    “Monza is just the best. Nothing can come close in terms of passion, history and atmosphere and I MUST go to a GP there one day.”

    Actually there was a discussion on the live blog of possibly arranging an f1fanatic trip to Monza next year if anyone is up for it. A thread will probably be started after this season for details etc.

    PM’s probably got the best/wisest attitude but I can’t help but have a soft spot for certain tracks.

    I’m really enjoying reading everyone’s personal favourites too so thanks everyone :)



    1) Monza – tradition, speed and about 10 km away from me! :D

    2) Montreal – a classic place for interesting races.

    3) Melbourne – used to love it when i played F1 games.

    4) Spa – another historic piece of F1: fast circuit and (often) rainy weather

    5) Monaco – the most punitive track in the world… plus glamour


    Ned Flanders

    1. Monaco- racing cars on the streets of Monte Carlo is just insane

    2. Spa- it’s great seeing cars flying up and down the valleys

    3. Monza- for the novelty of a speed circuit in modern F1

    4. Singapore- ok, so the track itself is crap, but the setting is incredible

    5. Istanbul- it may be a bit soulless but it’s a fantastic track



    1. Suzuka

    2. Spa

    3. Interlagos

    4. Silverstone

    5. Montreal


    sbl on tour

    monza 2011, steph if you need any info on monza get in contact when the time comes, cant go myself as i.m going to follow tour de france next year and hopefully go to some winter testing at barca

    sbl on tour

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