Top 5 races we have watched live

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    Craig Woollard

    This immediately rules out races from the 1950’s-1970’s for a lot of us, but it will be nice to see what people of all ages count as their top 5 races. I have been watching Formula 1 since the end of the 1997 season, I’m 19 now, so that’s a large portion of my life… I have watched just about every single race live since then… My top 5 are below:

    5. 2011 Chinese Grand Prix – One of the very few races which have happened recently, which, despite all the politics and everything lurking around, reminded me why I love this sport so much.

    4. 2005 Japanese Grand Prix – I was so glad I got up early for this one! Alonso’s pass on Schumacher, the master being overtaken by the fiery new kid on the block, and Raikkonen scything through the field from 17th and one of my favourite overtakes ever on Fisichella on the last lap to win. He was my favourite driver for a while… :)

    3. 1998 Belgian Grand Prix – I was what, 6 when this happened? When seeing cars crash like they did on the first corner it was crazy… And then watching the ‘evil red guy’ get taken out after hitting DC’s McLaren just added to the excitement… The constant chaos throughout the race and then seeing the bright yellow cars win and everyone being happy in the pouring rain was fantastic to watch if you were 6.

    2. 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix – It was so tense, words cannot describe it. I literally jumped out of my seat when I saw Glock…

    1. 2008 British Grand Prix – I was there. :)



    5 2003 Brazilian grand prix – An epic grand prix from start to finish and a very unlikely winner ( although Fisi only received his trophy a week later!)

    4 1997 Hungarian grand rpix – My 1st ever grand prix and remember crying when Villeneuve overtook Hill. My father was a big Damon Hill fan and we were gutted when it happened.

    3 2010 Australian Grand prix – Was a brilliant grand prix because of the critisism of the Bahrain GP the week before and to also see that the unfancied Button could go to Mclaren and still win was very satisfying

    2 2005 San Marino grand prix – Seeing two legends battle it out lap after lap reminded me of the stories my dad used to tell me about Mansell and Senna in Monaco

    1 1998 Belgian grand prix – Need i say any more? The reason i love formula one, i still have the vhs of this race. Huge pile up at the start, plenty of incidents and crashes to keep an 8 year old fascinated, troubles for Schumacher (who wasnt very popular in my house!) and Damon Hill to win and Eddie Jordan grinning ear too ear. Absolutely amazing!

    Nearly copied every single one of your races Craig-o but decided id put my own :)


    Dan Thorn

    5. San Marino 2005 – Epic battle between two legends proving that you don’t need overtaking for a thoroughly exciting race.

    4. Europe 2007 – Carnage at the start, Winkelhock leads by half a minute, brilliant conclusion as Alonso reeled in Massa, passed him round the outside and then stormed off to victory.

    3. Australia 2005 – As a Fisi fan I had high hopes for 2005. When he won the first race of the season from pole I was over the moon that he might be able to mount a title challenge. Alas, it wasn’t to be.

    2. Monaco 1996 – Absolutely love this race. Epic pole lap from Schuey only to bin it on the first lap, Frentzen trying everything to pass Irvine and failing, Panis passing people left right and centre, lapping whole seconds a lap faster than anyone at times and eventually winning.

    1. Hungary 2006 – Alonso drives the greatest opening laps ever (yes, better than Senna at Donington) and goes on to dominate the race only for a wheel to come loose and spoil what would have been a great victory. Luckily Button was also driving a brilliant race and took his long overdue first win, and with De La Rosa and Heidfeld joining him on the podium (after both muscled their way past Schumacher) it’s hard for this NOT to be my favourite race ever.


    sbl on tour

    silverstone 1975, emerson wins in the wet

    brands hatch 1976, a near riot

    monaco 1982, no one left

    monza 1999, first time at monza, hakkinen in tears,jordan win. (met eddie jordan a few years ago, told him i,d been there and he talked me through the whole thing, magic or what

    monza 2004, really thought button was going to win that one



    Gotta agree with Dan thorn on Monaco 96 and Hungary 2006, but I would have Spa 2008, Suzuka 2005 and Spa 98 in my top 5 races as well.


    sbl on tour

    just to clarify, these were races that I was actually at, not the best races i,ve seen on the telly



    Well I haven’t been watching F1 for that long, 2008. So my “live” races are few. I’d have to go with:

    5. 2008 Brazilian GP

    4. 2009 Belgian GP

    3. 2010 British GP

    2. 2010 Hungarian GP

    1. 2008 Belgian GP



    5 – 2011 Monaco, although I watched it variously across London and missed the end, it was phenomenally exciting even if the late red flag ruined a close finish

    4 – 1998 Silverstone, highly frustrated at the time, but in hindsight a truly memorable victory!

    3 – 1999 Austria, brilliant charge up the field by DC at one of my favourite tracks

    2 – Brazil 2001, great race, overtaking and genuinely exciting

    1 – Spa 1998, the race that had everything and Jordans first win!



    Before 2007, I didn’t watch F1 race by race, so I can only go for races since Hungary 2007 :(

    1.China 2011

    2.Brazil 2009

    3.Australia 2008

    4.Japan 2007

    5.Australia 2009



    5. 2008 British Grand Prix – The last time someone’s really stuffed the opposition. Was happy to see Lewis win his home race and to win it so brilliantly.

    4. 2005 San Marino Grand Prix – The last laps were incredible. Made even better and more exciting as I was at the race, an Alonso fan in the middle of the tifosi.

    3. 1998 Belgian Grand Prix – Incredible race, I will never forget that start crash.

    2. 2011 Chinese Grand Prix – Non stop action start to finish.

    1. 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix – I also jumped off my seat when I saw Glock.



    I’m going a bit more old school.

    5. 1998 Belgian GP

    4. 2003 Brazilian GP

    3. 2000 German GP

    2. 1999 European GP

    1. 2003 British GP



    5. 2010 Canadian GP (great strategy and fantastic overtaking)

    4. 1999 French GP (chaos with rain in qualifying causing fantastic overtaking to restore order only for rain to scramble it up again)

    3. 1999 European GP (no-one wanted to win this one causing an unusual podium and Luca Badoer in 4th till his car broke down)

    2. 1999 + 2002 Australian GP (can’t choose between them, both had drama all the way through)

    1. 2008 Brazilian GP (I cannot describe this, so i’ll leave it to Keith. http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2008/11/02/lewis-hamilton-is-champion-in-epic-climax-to-final-race-2008-brazilian-gp/ )



    Only been really watching every race since mid 2007.

    5. 2010 Canadian GP – Nuff Said

    4. 2010 Turkish GP – Watching Mclaren push red bull that hard, couldnt take my eyes away

    3. 2008 Brazilian GP – Last lap was the most intense thing ive ever seen

    2. 2011 Chinese GP – Everything you could ever want, especially the last few laps.

    1. 2008 British GP – Domination at its best.



    5. 1996 Japanese GP – Damon Hill, Murray wasn’t the only one with a lump in his throat

    4. 2010 Canadia GP – Has been said before

    3. 2009 Brazilian GP – Button claiming the title at last

    2. 1998 Belgium GP – Come on Jordan!

    1. 2008 Brazilian GP – Wow, the mix of emotions



    I’m surprised so many people can remember so many races. I’ve been watching for about 15 years now, and so many of the events just mush into a blur. Especially 2000-2004, but I guess I was at uni then. But I struggl to pick a lot of the races out with a specific year. ANyway, I’ll have a go.

    1 – 2010 British Grand Prix – I was there, opposite the pitlane

    2 – 2004 British Grand Prix – I was there, just after Stowe. Olivier Panis retired in front of us.

    3 – 1996 Japanese Grand Prix – Damon winning his title, and I was 11, so it was awesome

    4 – 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix – Well it was epic, wasn’t it?

    5 – 1996 Monaco Grand Prix – Didn’t think anyone was going to finish… I long for those days again, where you don’t know if you’re going to reach the end of the race. Too many cars finish nowadays. Panis’s win was great.

    6 onwards – any Wet/Dry Belgian Grand Prix (1998, 2005, 2008, 2009) just because

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