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    I love videos like these, amateur footage that gives you an idea of the crazy speeds being done which you can’t get from the telly. As someone that’s all ways wanted to go to a Grand Prix but never been able to these are fantastic.

    Post any good ones you find!

    Monza 08, the noise and the speed are unbelievable.


    Spa Speed


    First lap of Australian 2010 Sparks from Schueys broken front wing going everywhere.


    Another Lap of the Aus. 2010



    Ned Flanders

    I like the ones which show us things we might otherwise have missed. Like the video of Massa’s dodgy parking at Spa this year and the infamous Hamilton/ Vettel/ Webber incident of Fuji 2007.

    (Going off at a tangent somewhat, how weird does it seem that those 3 drivers who were all at completely different levels back then are all now title rivals? I wonder which obscure drivers in 2010 will be title contenders within a few years?…)



    FOM seriously need to implement more camera angles like this. Yes we need to follow cars but just for a few seconds it would be great to see the true speed of these machines. Imagine a camera at the first chicane at Monza that just stays still and focuses on the braking zone, only to see cars fly straight up to it and then slow to a crawl in a frighteningly small amount of time. There’s a great traditional shot at Silverstone where the cars come straight to the camera and then suddenly flick into Copse – imagine a closer view at that! I’m not a camera expert but I’m guessing it’s something to do with the distance the cameras are filming from. Obviously we can’t have close cameras at every corner but I think more could be done.



    This is as close as you are going to get in terms of trackside (at Spa during tyre testing):




    I might have some good ones, I’ll take a look in my camera :D

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