TV coverage of Vettel at Singapore

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    @dujedcv Not just the taxi-ride. Even the battles that went all the way to the finish were ignored!

    And about the 1992 season coverage: Unfortunately so. Some races had great battles between Senna and Mansell, and obviously they were kept on the tv, but in races wherein Mansell dominated (and there were quite a few) the directors just kept showing him despite other fights, and sometimes even if there was an emerging battle for the podium!



    @meander Wow, that sounds horrible – thank god we get to watch the battles.



    My recollection of 1992 was TOO much Mansell………….but I also was cranky in 1988 as a 12 year old when they didn’y have Ayrton on the TV ALL the time, we was winning after all!! :O)

    Off topic just saw the Moto GP Quali result- the young boy doing very well isn’t he!!!!!!

    Honestly I think the TV coverage is pretty good. Yes @michael they can make more money if on the TV more- negotiating power- I have no idea how much but it is a factor for lower teams (Keith- any info on this??)



    For as long as I can remember, if a driver dominates a race they barely get seen on the TV screens. If there is a battle going on somewhere else, you tend to see that because it is better entertainment for the watching TV audience. The only races where I remember the TV cameras focusing on the leaders who were “boringly streaking into the distance” at the expense of on track battles seem to be French and Italian GP’s in the early/mid 2000’s whenever Renault and/or Ferrari were at the front. Come to think of it, the French did that quite a lot if their drivers, cars or engines were leading.



    One thing that annoyed me was when Vettel crossed the line massively ahead, they kept focusing on the fireworks even though there was still all sorts of stuff going on on-track.


    Mike Dee

    I don’t really like to see too much of Vettel driving around the track when he is on his own but I wouldn’t mind if they had shown a complete lap onboard from him when he was going fast (when nothing else was happening). I always find these views very impressive.



    Agreed- they used to show a lot more on board laps and they are awesome to see, speed, braking, G-Force, overtaking- really is great viewing.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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