TV Coverage US West Coast?!

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    I’m pulling my hair out trying to find out who is covering the European Grand Prix. Speed is owned by Fox who is supposed to be covering the race on Sunday (Speed covers practice and qualy), but the local affiliate doesn’t have it listed. Instead, the race doesn’t show up until Monday on Speed.

    Is it me? If its not me, any recommendations?



    This race and the next 2 ( Britain and Germany } are being shown tape-delayed on the Fox Network at 9AM on the west coast but if your local affiliate chooses not to air them I’m afraid your SOL. The Fox coverage is terrible anyway, everything pre and post race compressed into 2 hours with lots of commercials! You can do what I do and come to this site at 4AM your time ( the race starts at 5 ) and click on the live race chat. They will post links to live internet streams at the bottom of the chat, the extraordinary BBC coverage starts one hour before the race and continues for over an hour after the race ends. You can try it out for Friday and Saturday Morning practices at 1AM and 2AM respectively your time. They will have chats here for all 3 practices and qualifying with live streaming links posted; BBC also does an hourlong show before qualy. Good Luck!



    HATE the midseason FOX race coverage. It’s nice that it allows more people to watch the race, but the coverage is terrible. They skip the preshow, run too many ads, then skip the post race press conference. I can’t/won’t get up at 5AM though, so I guess it’s my only option.



    I agree that Fox coverage is horrible and curtailed. And I know that I could wake up at 4:00am to catch all the action, but I also know I would fall asleep during the race (it is Valencia after all) so the DVR is my best bet.

    Fox finally posted the race at 9:00am Sunday, so I am covered (phew!). I don’t know why they had other programming listed in that timeslot… At some point I do want to hop online and catch the live chat/BBC coverage too, it sounds pretty good.

    Thanks to both of you for the support/info.

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