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    need to go public with the thanks to the BBC for their coverage of F1. the level of access they’ve now achieved is truly amazing. would i be right in saying that we get the best coverage on the planet here in the uk?

    i’ve only ever seen 2 races on TV abroad (whilst in spain & south africa), and neither were anywhere close to what the beeb deliver.

    thanks BBC!!!!


    There’s a reason why I go to such silly lengths to find BBC streams online, and it’s not for Antiques Roadshow.


    Double posts for the lose.


    what kind of stuff can you get on the streams?

    we’re lucky enough to get all the practice sessions etc. the qualy prog is around 2.5 hrs long, raceday coverage is around 4hrs plus an extra hour or so of the red button stuff after the main prog has finished.

    apologies if the above reads as “my dad’s bigger than your dad”. it’s not meant to. i’m now curious as to what others do or don’t get access to.

    it’s a far cry from when i was a kid (late 70’s) and the only stuff i saw of f1 was on world of sport with dickie davies 6 days after the gp. it *may* have been covered elsewhere, but that was all i got to see.



    When F1 moved to ITV the standard of coverage shot up and it’s done so again now that it’s back home on the BBC. The only blight was the stupid switching of the race onto BBC2 on Easter Sunday – halfway through the race.



    Another double post for posterity.



    “would i be right in saying that we get the best coverage on the planet here in the uk?”

    You would be entirely right. SPEED TV (In the U.S.) gives us practice 2, quali, and the race. The programming is good enough, but I usually download the BBC broadcast and watch that. Not really for the race coverage though or the commentators (SPEED has a great team and the broadcast is standard FOM anyway), but for the pre-race and post-race shows. That is where the BBC excels with all of the extra little coverage they give.



    I get the feeling that the only real whole in the BBC coverage at the moment is Legard, an he’s going at the end of the year with any luck, so Come On the BBC.



    BBC coverage is awesome. I think only sky germany comes close!



    Has to be posted, because it’s phenomenal (you’ll need a UK proxy to view):


    This is what makes Jake a top presenter, and gives you an idea of what the rest of the team actually do. For those that can’t view it, it’s a 4-way splitscreen. 3 are the live cameras, one is the BBC/FOM video feed. Over it all is the editing team’s commentary and cuing. Unlike everyone else on the show, Jake’s earpiece doesn’t just relay what the director is telling him personally, it’s “open” – meaning he hears what’s for him, what’s for the cameramen, what’s being discussed with the edit suite, what’s for EJ and DC and the rest of the team. It’s almost impossible to watch, how he follows it all when he’s walking around a noisy pitlane talking to whoever he bumps into is beyond me.

    People moan about the salaries of TV presenters – this man earns every bit of whatever he gets paid, as does everyone else on the team.



    Jeez, I watched the whole thing. Man that is crazy. I wouldn’t be able to talk coherent sentences with so much going on in my earpiece.

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