Two Tyre Manufacturer's in 2011?

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    Michelin are now aparently interested in supplying tyres for 2011, after previously stating they would only be interested if they were allowed to compete with another tyre supplier.

    Ross Brawn has also confirmed that both suppliers in the running have agreed to supply tyres to the same specification.

    After a great weekend where tyres were so important, would having two suppliers again improve racing? Or should we have one supplier that provides marginal tyres, forcing more pit stops?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Two suppliers won’t happen. You’ll just get a situation arising where one supplier develops the tyres with one team, and everyone else has to put up with whatever they’re given. The result is that only two teams will be competitive because the team has the tyres made for them.



    A tyre war won’t happen. I think the reason PM said above is a very big risk (although maybe with regulation changes that could be fixed) but for me the msot important reason to avoid it is because of the impact it may have on the rest of the car or even tracks. Times will start to tumble again and to claw back that time the FIA will/could limit areas of car design or have more track changes. I admit I’d love a tyre war but it just isn’t worth it. Car design and innovation should be pushing F1 forward not just how to utilise the tyres, they already have such huge influence over how a car will perform. It’s just my opinion though.



    I’d want two manufacturers only if Michelin make long-lasting tyres and Pirelli make performance-optimised tyres (instead of just plain hards and softs)


    Mark Hitchcock

    It’s interesting that lots of people are calling for more marginal tyres to be developed to improve the racing, but there is usually a negative reaction when it’s suggested that other areas of F1 technology are compromised.

    Having said that, I would be all for it! (not a tyre war though for reasons that have already been mentioned).



    I hope it doesn’t happen. I’d like to see all teams on the same high-wear tires.



    I’ve writen this before but know the forum is back I’ll say it again.

    I think F1 should go down a similar path to what the V8 Supercars have introduced in Australia, the sprint tyre. This tyre is made up of a much softer compound than the normal tyre and gives the cars around 2 seconds a lap advantage. But this advantage is short lived because the tyres start to go away after about 10 – 12 laps.

    What makes the racing great however, is the fact that the teams can use the tyre when every the wish, so most races have the scenario where some teams use it at the start of the race and bolt away to an early lead or make ground through the pack from the back of the grid and some teams use it late in the race to real in thier rivals for en exciting finish

    This has been in the catergory for the past year now and I have to tell you, it has made for some very exciting races. The reason it works is because the gap between the tyres is so wide and there is no restriction on when the teams have to use them so it allows any number of different strategies.

    I know this concept would work in F1 and you only have to look at the Canadian GP to see why, with the top teams strategies mixed up it made for great racing, we had 4 pass’s for the lead change during the race and thats the most in one race for a long long long time and at about the half way point of the race any one of the top 5 drivers could have won that grand prix.

    So putting it simply, marginal tyres make for great racing.



    I like the sound of the sprint tyre.

    If they removed the stupid rule abut starting on the tyre you qualified on, it could open up some interesting tactical decisions at the front of the grid.

    If your on pole you might choose the sprint first to get the best run with clean air, but if eveyone behind you did the same might you choose the harder to ruin their runs on the sprint.

    Also, as with the super soft, perfermance should probably be better on lower fuel loads at the end of the race. We didn’t see this in Canada because Webber was told to cruise, and Schumacher spent too long on them.

    However it might have some issues in qualifying, as nearly every team would have to use the spint in each round. Therebye limiting the tyres left to use in the race. But then that would allow the slower cars more runs on the sprint in the race, making for closer racing.




    @ady – in the V8 Supercars, they arn’t allowed to use the sprint tyre to for qualifying. But I like the concept of the back teams having more to use because of qualifying that would be fun to watch.



    Pirelli will be the sole tyre suppliers in 2011.

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