Valencia Live Testing

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    Is Di Resta that fast or is it a sign that the others aren’t putting out their best on purpose? I wish I could watch the testing, but the US stinks for F1 fans. I am wondering what is going on with Ferrari as well. I’m guessing that they are much further ahead of the times they are posting… maybe they are playing coy. I’m still gonna say Ferrari take Bahrain regardless of the testing this season.



    Testing is so difficult to read anything into. Look at last year, Sauber were really fast, yet look what happened in the first half of the season. They were slow and unreliable.

    I’m afraid no-one can watch the testing! You’d have to go to it to see it.

    As for Ferrari they are just testing out the new parts of the car with some old variants they understand such as the front wing.

    The only thing that interests me about testing is how the drivers feel the car is coming along, and even then, they might not be telling the truth. I also enjoy seeing all the new shiny cars for the first time!



    I asked Edd Straw (editor of autosport) if we could read anything into the first days test times, he replied on twitter:

    “Way way too early. Teams have got a lot of other things to work through before real performance work begins.”

    So don’t read into anything yet. Martin Brundle also said:

    “F1 launches such a PR tease. I’ll go to Barcelona later in the month when the new cars are all on track with their latest party clothes on.”

    This says to me that the cars will change significantly from now until the season begins.



    I here that. It seems every year I know going into the testing that it is just testing and nothing like the first race, results wise… but then I see a new guy ripping up times, or a FI car tearing up the asphalt and I get drawn into the speculation. I still have to wonder… if the times could stay this close it would be such an amazing season! There has to be some things we can glean from the testing so far and that is driver abilities right? I mean, Rosberg, Alonso and Vettel are testing faster than their, what I believe is the agreed upon, slightly less fast counterparts. From this I think we can at least see this as a probable truth. Could be wrong and I hope I am because I would sure love to see MSC put together some kind of ridiculous season so people respect him again (hopefully with no drama this year).

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