van der Garde set for Caterham in 2013

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    Bradley Downton

    Giedo van der Garde will driver for Caterham in 2013 according to GPUpdate.net. I understand this isn’t a hugely reputable source, along with the fact that the article states this information comes from Dutch media, who are obviously going to big up the chances of a Dutch driver.
    This is however the first real mention we’ve had of who will drive alongside Pic this year.



    Vd Garde is holding a press conference at 15:30, so at least he has something important to tell. Or he reveals having used doping. It’s a fashion among sportsmen these days…


    Force Maikel

    Everey Dutch site I’ve visited so far thinks he has been confirmed but that is not the case. As long as the team doesnn’t confirm him I’m not bying in just yet. For al we know he is anouncing that he is retiring form motorsport. He has indicated in an article in Formule1.nl magazine that if he doensn’t get a seat in 2013 he’d turn away form Formula 1.

    I’ll wait until the press confrence to jump to any conclusions. The force india rumors however can be put to bed now since they confirmed they’ll anounce the second driver befrore the Barcelona test


    I know who the second Caterham driver is already, but I’m not allowed to say! Yet.


    Force Maikel

    It’s Giedo he confirmed it at the press conference.



    Glad to see he finally gets his chance :)
    His GP2 career has been littered with technical and other issues (Valsecchi cost him a serious charge for the ’10 championship), but he’s always shown to be there pace-wise. Not saying he’s the next big thing, but he’s certainly proofed himself fast enough that I think he deserves a chance.



    When looking at Dutch drivers, I’ve always seen Robin Frijns as the next big thing. Never thought much of Giedo VD Garde. His junior formula record is not that impressive.

    EDIT: I just realized he won the 2008 Formula 3.5 Renault championship. If that is the case, then I have to say that he was unlucky not to get an F1 seat in 2009. His four years in GP2 seemed to have hurt his reputation.

    Nonetheless, he certainly deserves a chance before we can judge him. We’ll see what he can do. I hope for his sake that he proves me wrong, and impresses.

    @bradley13, from what I’ve heard GPUpdate is actually a very good source of information.


    Bradley Downton

    As this is now confirmed, I’ll close this thread:

    Please now comment here: Van der Garde completes Caterham’s line-up

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