Vettel Unstoppable

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    The kid is going to take total control this year, its freaky now calm, cool and relaxed he appears. Remember Shuey & Hamilton when they were peaking?, they were in undistractable zones with steel in their eyes and appeared almost hyptnotised.

    Vettel reminds me of a university nerd with his floppy hair, goofy grin and quirky style. Plain and simple he is a freak of nature. 2011 will see him smoke Webber and anyone else that trys to come close. Everyone knows it.

    In 09 we watched the under-dog Brawn Gp win and we all love the under-dog, 2010 was a phenominal season, with 3-4 drivers all in with a big chance. Redbull and Vettel are a reincarnation of Ferrari with Michael…. its all over red rover…

    1 x race in, this is not preliminary, just wait and see…..the title is already won.



    Steady on…

    I really like Vettel, I do, and there is no doubt his confidence is through the roof (why wouldn’t it be?). But there are so many variables this year let alone raw pace. The tyres will inevitably throw up some surprises and we are yet to see DRS exploited to it’s full potential. The DRS leaves the guy in front the most vulnerable and if RBR continue down the non-KERS route that is a massive gamble.



    This could be a really boring season if Vettel continues this kind of form throughout the season. Personally, I think he would have matured as a driver after last season, but then again, its too early to say for sure. Last year he was leading the Bahrain Gp and Australian GP in similar fashion before he ran into mechanical problems, so I guess he would have seemed equally mature at the beginning of last year as well. We will have to wait for 2 to 3 more races at least to see if Vettel is going to be unstoppable for the rest of the season.



    After only one race, it’s way too early to predict the season.

    If we apply that logic to 2010, Ferrari would be clear favourites, Red Bull and McLaren would be evenly matched and Massa would have a strong season.

    I think it might be a good idea for you to slow down on the typing a bit, as your post is barely legible in parts.



    Way too early to say anything.

    First there are the tyres. Webber was the first front-runner to pit I believe and Vettel’s were going off before Hamilton’s. This could have been important in yesterday’s race and will be important later on.

    From what Red Bull say their KERS is kind of wrapped around the internal stuff, instead of being neatly packaged together to be put in an optimum place. Seeing as they’re going to need it for the circuits with real straights, its re-installation looks like messing with the car’s centre of gravity, an advantage that played a small part in their Melbourne triumph. Add this to Whitmarsh’s claim that the broken KERS (with all the brake bias issues) cost Hamilton 0.5s (probably an exaggeration – let’s say 0.3). So the one-lap advantage is going to be about half of that 0.778s we saw (especially when we add the introduction of KERS into the mix).

    (What I am saying here is that without KERS Red Bull will be slower in places like Malaysia, but having it on won’t preserve the performance advantage they had in Melbourne and may even work against it)

    The race pace advantage, which I calculated at one point in the race (before Hamilton’s undertray troubles), was an average of 0.26s. Considering this is a car that has had little testing and brand new parts on, compared to a car that has been honed over 15 days and only the smallest of upgrade tweaks, this is a very catchable deficit.



    Well if Red Bull and Vettel are a reincarnation of MS/Ferrari then I am about to lose all respect for SV and Red Bull…I don’t believe in drivers ‘succeeding’ because their teammate was handcuffed intentionally to not be able to compete against them…and if it is only by them sabotaging MW’s chances that SV would be happy beating the one man who should be in the same car with the same chance as him and potentially the only one to beat him if the car dominates all others, then that is not a WDC I can support.

    But I agree with the others…the WDC is not decided after one race…they have to run them all to decide that…MW could and should be stiffer competition to SV in the next race…both Macs have shown they have pretty darn good pace too, and the Ferraris will no doubt get closer as the season goes along…and as the season goes along let’s see Red Bulls reliability proven, SV’s ability to avoid mistakes etc etc…ie. if he gets some pressure from the likes of MW and LH and FA, he may make some mental errors, be they in quali or the races…

    Of course it is looking good for SV, but many things can happen between now and the last race, and usually do…



    I wouldn’t call Hamilton as peaked, he won his title driving worse then he drove the year before, he drove better than both years in 2009 an the first three quaters of 10. Vettle is certainly in incredible form, an his car suits him perfectly but dips happen, an we haven’t seen all there is to come from McLaren, an especially not Ferrari, their testing pace hasn’t disapeared an they looked to have another fantastic all round package.

    Vettle is undoubtably favourite, if the ice cool pass on Button shows his calm may have translated to better passing skill then he can join Alonso and Hamilton at the top of this F1 generation, rather than the champion with the massivley superior car. An hold up there’s still 18 races, no need for midly depressing sensationalism.



    Vettel’s pace was indeed quite amazing, but the title is still far from won. McLaren and Ferrari will improve their cars. I see a lot of potential in the McLaren… I’m wondering how much better you can get the Red Bull, though.

    Vettel has reached the goal of becoming F1 champion. Naturally he is more calm, he doesn’t have to prove anything now. But as others said, the tyre situation, weather, technical problems… We have a long season infront of us… And I pity the people who already write the season off, because their favourite driver didn’t win.



    it’s too early, let’s wait at least 2-3 races. Red Bulls are as strong as last year, but the kid wasn’t really under pressure this weekend. We’ll see.



    Ferrari and Mclaren should not let Vettel fly away. Ferrari didn’t capitalize their testing pace yet(at least it was much better than Mclaren’s), and Mclaren also has not picked up full potential of the car considering their poor reliability during winter and none-tested but effective update. Even though he showed incredible pace at Melbourne, I think three teams will be much closer than last year and see what happen when Vettel couldn’t count on the car.



    Did I speak too soon when I posted this over a month ago ? I guess not.



    No you did speak too soon, it was right to say wait and see. Your prediction was right but the gloating is ugly. Besides, while I reckon that Vettel is pretty nailed on for the title, I still reckon either one or both of Hamilton and Alonso are going to challenge him pretty closley at times this season, if McLaren or Ferrari sort themselves into genuine pace, it could be closer then it looks right now.

    This is F1, it’s for entertainment, stop trying to write the season off after four races.



    This is F1, it’s for entertainment, stop trying to write the season off after four races.

    Indeed, ’06 and ’09 were looking very one sided, but ended up rather close.



    I think you need to change the title of this page to ‘RB7 in Vettel’s hand unstoppable’. In any other car, he wouldn’t be.

    And for those who say Webber has the same car, yes he does, but he’s not quite as quick and is the ‘unluckiest driver on the grid’.



    Well so long as Vettel keeps winning and second best is not certain, ie Mclaren drivers and Ferrari and Webber and Rosberg, keep squabling for the podiums, the distance from the challangers to Vettel will just get larger!

    I really hope the BIG Mclaren update for Spain delivers in a fortnight – they beleive upwards of 0.6 seconds… otherwise it’s a long season. :P

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