Vettel’s best laps – boyish?

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    This is not the first time we’ve seen Sebastian Vettel set fastest laps at the very end of races he has won already; the team always is fearful of him throwing the championship away in one of these “adventurous” laps.
    Do you feel Vettel is being childish (he did it twice today and in a few races last year)? Or is it just the racer in him?



    Yes, he is a bit childish, but he is stubborn (sorry if this is rude I just found it in Google translate) and he wants every single job to be done.



    I don’t really think so. I know that people (myself included) often accuse Vettel of being like a spoiled child or similar, but I really don’t think it’s a fair accusation to level at him in this instance. He seems to want to devour all records and statistics so it’s fair enough. I’d rather that the fastest lap was set by a front-runner rather than a Torro Rosso that had pitted for fresh tyres on the last lap


    Keith Collantine

    I think it’s great. I doubt he’s actually risking the car all that much.



    It’s also a bit of psychological warfare. Alonso says: ‘Look at me, I can be WDC in a tractor’, Vettel replies: ‘Look at me, I can be a second per lap quicker without even trying’.



    It does make me nervous at times, but it’s also the sort of thing that makes him my favorite driver. “Childish”? I guess it might depend on how you define that. He’s obviously been warned by his team about it, but he seems to delight in doing it anyway. As he said today,

    Ha, I know that my race engineer Rocky almost had a heart attack on the team radio, but believe me if I thought there was any risk I wouldn’t have gone for it! But, as I just said before, if you have a car like that you also want to enjoy it – it was a joyous ride.



    Can you fault a guy for wanting to do the best he can do?
    If anything, it shows his determination and his passion.

    And he loves his records.
    Leading an entire race from pole position is really rare, so if all you have to do is put in a fast lap to go into the record books, good for you!

    Though I most loved his grand chelem in India last year. Red Bull warning him and going so far as to turn down his engine, and he still sets the fast lap.

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