Vettel's move… Illegal or not?

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    Probably an obvious question as he is the most hated man in F1 right now, but what did people think of Vettel’s move on Sutil near the end of the race at Silverstone?

    I thought it was pretty desperate but I enjoyed seeing him barge his way through, then again I am biased :P

    Many of my favourite moments in F1 have been wheel to wheel contact, Alonso’s move on Massa in Nurburgring in 07 and Kubica and Massa’s duel in Fuji the same year.

    Is it illegal to make contact with another car? Or is it another unwritten rule?


    Dan Thorn

    I didn’t see anything wrong with it. It was a little bit cheap but hey, you do what you can to get past. Feel sorry for Sutil though as up til then he was defending brilliantly and it would have been nice to see Vettel outwit him or force him into a mistake rather than just barging his way through.



    ” Alonso’s move on Massa in Nurburgring in 07 and Kubica and Massa’s duel in Fuji the same year.”

    Those two were great body to body action.I don’t think that it is illegal to make contact with another car but if you don’t damage your & your competitor’s car.



    It’s racing so they should go for it, and some contact shouldn’t be a problem.

    I wasn’t so sure he would get away with it at the time. But it’s ok in my book.



    I don’t think it’s illegal to make contact although at those speeds I can see why the drivers would get upset such as Nurburgring 07.

    I think what’s makes it illegal is the way a driver goes about it. Shoving it up the inside or whatever is fine most of the time unless an avoidable accident occurs and then expect a reprimand or in the old days a drive through :P .

    I didn’t really have a problem with that move by Seb, he needed to do it and it wasn’t exactly classy but job done and it could be a move an an extra however many points that gets him the title.

    The problem I have is other times when he’s seemingly turn in on other cars for no reason.



    It was crude, effective but just racing I would say. As Steph said, it’s this turning-in that I’m not a fan of. Either that or he’s just not very good at judging how much space you should give another car.


    Keith Collantine

    It was fine but very risky. Not a move you’d make at the start of the race.



    I think everyone should just be glad to see Vettel making overtaking moves. Admittedly he needed a word in his ear from the engineer and a safety car to do it, but it’s a start.



    I think it’s great to see that Vettel can overtake when he needs to. I’m not sure someone like Hamilton would’ve done much better. Sutil really put up a great defense that would’ve been difficult for any driver to get past.

    *ducks to take cover from incendiary objects thrown by Hamilton fans*


    Tom L.

    As long as it doesn’t endanger the drivers I don’t see anything wrong with this kind of move. I loved seeing Liuzzi, for example, barging his way past Schumacher in true Schumacher style on the last lap in Montreal!



    I think that young Herr Vettel needs to think very carefully about how close he pushes his rivals to the nearest unyeilding surface…


    sbl on tour

    yep james think you are right, think herr V would be better of concentrating on his own race

    sbl on tour

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