Video: Hamilton and Alonso slowing before the DRS line

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    LOL!! Didn´t see this live but man, these two guys are just awesome but Alonso definitely takes the cake! Lewis thought of it and Alonso was quick to react! Genius at work!!
    DRS is not going anywere so just get over it people! It´s a thinking man´s game!!



    I have done this in F1 2011 and 2012 for some time now. It’s unfortunate as that would’ve been a great pass by Alonso, but in my opinion doing this is just logic with something like DRS. This is just one of the many disadvantages of the device: to get rid of it, you must remove DRS itself.



    @fixy Not necessarily you could always change the rules for DRS so that it’s used in a different way, such as the push-to-pass implementation that @sigman1998 mentioned.



    DRS is not going anywere so just get over it people!

    It’s not even confirmed in next years regulations, I believe?

    I don’t see it as much of a safety concern, but it is incredibly stupid. What a joke DRS has became. Schumacher made a cracking pass on Kobayashi at the hairpin last year, only to be re-passed easily on the straight. It’s a shame that we see two great drivers not even trying to race anywhere, as they know that by staying behind, they can get a double DRS boost on the two longest straights.

    The day DRS is dumped will be the greatest day in Formula 1 history since ABS was banned.



    If DRS stays why don’t they not announce the location of the detection point to prevent moments like that



    I’m surprised we don’t see it far more often – damn straight that’s what I would do. Anyways DRS blows. A pass shouldn’t be a given.



    i noticed that live



    @fixy Same here, it just gives you the greater net gain. This was always something that was going to happen when DRS was introduced. I think 2014 would be a good time to remove DRS with all the new regulations.



    If DRS stays why don’t they not announce the location of the detection point to prevent moments like that

    Teams would probably figure it out soon enough during the race. Having fluid DRS zones seems like too much effort and could still be dangerous, since backmarkers could lose track of where to let the leaders go.

    I honestly don’t mind the idea of DRS, but at races like Canada and Monza it just feels like too much. Especially if you’re gonna go and eliminate regular overtaking spots. I’d also rather see a defense mechanism in DRS. The same registration that sends a signal to enable the driver behind to attack in the DRS zone, could send a signal to the driver in front in which it would be able to use a part of the DRS zone (say, half) to defend himself. It’d look something like this:



    @npf1 Why not just eliminate the part where both are enabled? So only the attackers gets the DRS, only for the first half of the straight. It allows him to accelerate faster and get closer to the car in front, but there’d be no major top speed difference.


    Simple solution is to get rid of the DRS zone on a super-long straight where we’ve seen plenty of overtaking without DRS and put the zones before some of the corners where we don’t see much overtaking instead.



    I would really like DRS to backfire so that FIA can finally get rid of it



    Wishful thinking, but Alonso has a growing collection of video evidence against DRS on safety grounds, with this and his wing failing twice in the earlier race.
    Remember it was his “look-no-hands” onboard shot that did for the F-duct.

    Drivers have been saying “after you” at the DRS detection point for a while now – In India at the hairpin there was similar jiggery-pokery going on, although speeds were lower.

    I’d love it if the FIA would act and ban it before somebody goes over another car’s back wheel. I like how DRS is visible from outside the car, but not the way it’s come to dominate some races or the commentators’ endless prattling about it. Keep it simple – the engines’ greater torque and boost should be enough from next year.



    Yeah, they did it last year too when the roles were reversed and Hamilton had much fresher tyres! It’s nothing new.



    @enigma YES!!! that is the best idea. ony make drs active for the beginning of the straight. the attacker will draw alongside or get close behind and then drs will close letting the slipstream do the rest.

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