Video: Marc Gene’s record lap of Laguna Seca for Ferrari

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    Keith Collantine

    We had some pictures of this on the site earlier, here’s a splendid full HD video lap of Laguna Seca with Marc Gene, filmed as he set a new unofficial lap record for the course of 1’05.78, driving a Ferrari F2003-GA:


    Thanks to Ryan_TWilliams for pointing me towards this on Twitter.

    More here: Laguna Seca track record unofficially falls to Ferrari’s Gene



    I want a Grand Prix there! Corners 8 & 8a are simply marvellous!


    Keith Collantine

    I’d settle for any major single-seater racing there – IndyCar (in its various guises) hasn’t been there since 2004, I think the last international; single-seater series there was A1GP six years ago.

    But as IndyCar already has two races in California (Fontana and Infineon) it’s probably not that likely.



    I think Laguna Seca bid to host a race, but lost out to Phoenix for some reason. Given how that race went, I bet they regret that decision.

    Mind you, I seem to remember there were a couple of bad accidents at Laguna Seca which would probably rule it out of F1 permanently. Hope IndyCar goes there though. The calander seems to change quite a but there, so it’s not impossible.

    Also @keithcollantine isn’t Long Beach in California too, making that 3 races there?



    Are these Pirelli demo tyres? I so, there’s easily more time to be found.

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