Video of Kubica's Wheel Falling Off at Suzuka 2010

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    Poor guy.



    I wonder why stuff like this isn’t being shown in the replays. Coverage has been pretty bad in general this year, but Suzuka was particularly bad, no replays of Kubica or DiGrassi’s retirements, both of which could have been shown from the onboards of the drivers immediately behind them. Thanks Fuji TV.



    And people even discuss about Kubica being better than Rosberg when he can’t even keep the wheel attached to his car!

    Oh, wait….



    The coverage of the Japanese GP was the worst this season.



    The coverage of the Japanese was probably as good for the native audience as the Brit was for us. Personally I think the coverage of Bahrain was the worst, nothing happened at the front but we heared later a ridiculous number of on track overtakes went on, the race might not have been half as boring as what we saw but it was bad enough for everyone to consider it the end of the sport.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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