Video: Sauber’s F1 car evolution, 1993-2003


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    Keith Collantine

    Brilliant video from Sauber showing 20 years of Formula One cars in profile and plan view and how they have evolved:


    Here’s a list of the cars featured and pictures of some of them:

    1993: Sauber-Mercedes C12
    1994: Sauber-Mercedes C13
    1995: Sauber-Ford C14
    1996: Sauber-Ford C15
    1997: Sauber-Petronas C16
    1998: Sauber-Petronas C17
    1999: Sauber-Petronas C18
    2000: Sauber-Petronas C19
    2001: Sauber-Petronas C20
    2002: Sauber-Petronas C21
    2003: Sauber-Petronas C22
    2004: Sauber-Petronas C23
    2005: Sauber-Petronas C24
    2006: BMW Sauber F1.06
    2007: BMW Sauber F1.07
    2008: BMW Sauber F1.08
    2009: BMW Sauber F1.09
    2010: BMW Sauber-Ferrari C29
    2011: Sauber-Ferrari C30
    2012: Sauber-Ferrari C31
    2013: Sauber-Ferrari C32


    Oli Peacock

    Shame that after 06 all the pics aren’t in the same position…


    Lucas Wilson

    Very interesting.



    I don’t think BMW gave Sauber much help with the video – I think the oldest cars were photographed recently, probably for the only purpose of the video – but I don’t see why the C29 wasn’t. And I’m not sure Sauber don’t have the rights to take a picture of their cars from 2006-09, so I’m not sure what to think of this. Surely an official video should not look like a collage made by myself with what I was able to find.
    Still I like what they tried to do and the first part with the old cars is fantastic. Now if only Ferrari made one…



    As you can see at the end of the video there is also another video dedicated to the evolution of steering wheels:



    2003 – the start of the stupid (fins and wings and flicks and all that rubbish)

    The 1998 car is beautiful, as are the first 2.



    The first 2 are lovely, although the livery on the 1994 car is terrible directly in profile (fine otherwise).

    I don’t like the yellow on it and the fact that it appears to have the wrong (post-2005 era) front wing, but I quite like the 2003 C22. I’m a fan of the way the sidepods began to get far more curvy from that year on. And I don’t mind a few of the appendages, as it was before they became too cluttered. In fact, I rather liked the 2004 cars too. I find cars prior to 2003 (from the mid 90’s on) to appear too blocky and often too similar.

    Going by profile, where you can thankfully ignore the odd wing dimensions, I do think the current car is gorgeous- I like the height of the rear wing. I’m not such a fan of it from above.


    Fer no.65

    90’s cars (L) can’t get any better than that.


    Keith Collantine

    I wasn’t keen on the narrowing of the cars in 1998 and the grooved tyres were horrible – thankfully those are gone now. I didn’t mind the intricate aero look of the mid-2000s cars.

    But the post-2009 design with the grossly disproportionate front and rear wings looks stupid, particularly when viewed front-on or top-down. The front wings are supposed to be getting narrower, hopefully it will be enough to make the cars look good again but I’m not optimistic.

    Generally I like a racing car that looks like it’s been designed for the purpose of going fast, I don’t like one that looks like it’s been designed by the rulebook – and the latter is very much what we have now. In fact the Sauber video does a very good job of showing how car design has become more and more a case of working around the rulebook.



    I may be in the minority but I liked that F1.08. The little winglets and such may not have been popular but I was a fan of the pre-2009 cars as I quite liked seeing what teams would come up with next.

    The video also shows the strong partnerships Sauber have had, like with Mercedes, Red Bull, Petronas and BMW. They could do with such a partnership now if the rumours are true about the Russian investors.



    “I wasn’t keen on the narrowing of the cars in 1998”

    I feel the same (not that I watched at the time). I find a lot of the cars from the mid 90’s until 2003 or so quite stocky, similar, and bland, but at least before 1998 the cars had a more purposeful stance because of the width.

    @keithcollantine do you dislike the height of the rear wing too, or is it only the width of the front vs narrowness of the rear which you dislike?


    Lucas Wilson

    I must be one of the few people who like the 1996 Sauber. Red Bull styling at its best.


    Keith Collantine

    @matt90 It’s the whole look of the front and rear wings at the moment, though it’s the difference in widths that stands out most.


    Lucas Wilson


    I liked the 1998 cars, although nostalgia could play a part of it. My fav’s (as I’ve stated above) were the 1996 cars, as it was the first truly modern F1 season, but they still had modern and older styles of cars. The 1996 Ferrari was a good example, the bottom part was modern but it had this great curved nose and arched engine cover.

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