'Villeneuve overtake'

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    A light hearted topic: but when you guys overtake someone slow on the pavement by going ‘off-road’ do you guys think of it – like me – as a ‘Villeneuve overtake’?

    In reference to the terrific maneuver on Damon Hill to win the 1997 Hungarian GP:




    not entirely sure that overtake can be considered terrific. A terrific one would be his pass on Schumacher at Estoril.

    Instead, when I overtake those on the pavement by going off road (well, actually on the road) I strangely think of blue flags and get out of my way!

    Then again, I do walk fast…!


    sbl on tour

    for super overtakes check out wattie at long beach, enough said

    stand up for that ulsterman


    ps wattie is john watson


    Dan Thorn

    That was such a needlessly risky overtake and as much as I like JV every time I see it I hope he bins it so Hill can win…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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