Was 2010 the greatest season ever?

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    There’s a lot of people suggesting 2010 was the great season of all time. I can see why. Lots of action, lead changing so many times, crashes, mistakes, litigious wrangles, 4 world champions become 5, almighty comebacks, new era of car designs etc.

    But I’m not convinced. There have been so many errors from the drivers, many simply not needed. Watching the Red Bull drivers sometimes was like watching rich kids squander their inheritance.

    Yes it’s been a close season, but it’s been more about mistakes than the highest standard of driving. Within top 5 drivers, the mistakes are what made it so close. If any of the top five really been the polished professional perfect driver, a la Schumacher in his Ferrari years, that quality would probably have won him the title, as the other fell away. Are we really watching the worlds best, at their best? Isn’t that what constitutes the best season of all time?

    Whatever the result of your feelings is, next year is nothing but juicy, and it’s clear, F1 has entered a new era. The Japanese have made tactical blunders by leaving just before they looked likely to offer up the ideal season. The Toyota not racing, for me, is the biggest heart break of the season. What could have been!

    So, bring on 2011 :)



    2010 was the greatest F1 season of all time, but huge amounts of alcohol havent helped me come to terms with the result



    I think it is fair to say it was the greatest season ever since I started following the sport in 1998. I can’t judge if it is the best season ever, I have barely watched 1/6 of all seasons!



    Each season have their own colour tough to pick up but may be we won’t have 4 drivers fighting for the WC in the last race in the future so yeah it is one of the best.



    2007 and 2008 were the best seasons I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. 1986 happened when I was only a baby. I personally feel this season is overrated. I mean we had really close seasons before with points systems that weren’t so generous. I don’t think we should be so amazed by this.

    And on personal bias, I feel so sad for Webber. Hopefully he will come back next season and make a good stab at it again…



    2010 was a great season, but it was bookended by two crappy boring races.



    Yeah you’re damn right there.

    Bahrain most boring race ever.

    Abu Dhabi 2nd most boring race ever, and certainly the most anti-climactic title decider in a long while.



    2007, 2008 were much better. The final race could’ve been elsewhere.


    Red Andy

    2007 was a dreadful season. I have no idea why people mention it among the best seasons of recent years. Yes, the championship was close but the individual races were incredibly dull. There was maybe one really exciting race all year (Nurburgring), and even that was quite pedestrian in the middle.

    As for this year, the racing was pretty good and the championship was close. It’s got to be up there among the best seasons I’ve seen, but on balance I think I still preferred 1999 and 2008.


    Dan Thorn

    I’m not convinced by this year. It’s been very good but I much preferred 2008, 2005, 2003 and 1999.

    Perhaps in a year or two I’ll be able to look back on it with fonder memories.



    If it wasn’t for such a dull race decided by pit stop strategy in Abu Dhabi, I would vote this as the best season I have ever seen since I started following f1 religiously in 1997. Abu Dhabi was the most anti climatic end this season deserved. So .. I actually would rate it level with 1997, 1999, 2006, 2007 and 2008. Which were all great seasons.

    Im glad the final race of the 2011 season is in Brazil. Bernie’s greed from investors in the Middle East ruined a perfect end to this season.



    Brazil was meant to be the finale this season too…

    Anyway, my answer is no. Actually, it’s not even the best since I’ve started watching F1. Sure, 5 drivers were in it until the last round, which had 4 drivers in with a shout, but those 2 were massive outsiders. We had 5 different winners, but we had more in 2008. 2007 was less close and the races weren’t any better, but it’s not always about the racing and it was very dramatic in its positive aspects (consecutive three-time champion, rookie champion, Massa emerging from under Schumacher’s shadow, could Kimi do it at last?).

    Though I never saw it, 1982 is still my pick for best ever. 11 different winners in 16 races? Yes please! A shame it had to be blighted by Villeneuve’s death and Pironi’s accident.



    I am old enough to remember 1973, 1976, 1982, 1983, 1986, 1989, 1990, 1994, 1995, 1998, 1999 then 2007 and 2008 as most of you do.

    2010 was great but not on par with 1976, 1982, 1983, the Senna/Prost and the Hakkinen/Schumacher duels. That the world championship was settled in a race where there were basically no overtaking amongst the leaders was a big let down.


    Ned Flanders

    2010 was great season, but there were too many dud races for it to be the best ever. With the exception of Korea and Spa, the second half of the season didn’t really match up to the early races



    2010 was great. It was certainly the first i’ve seen where the action was mainly decided on the track and not with incessant politics, although Korea was irritating.

    The problem with the season was that a lot of the exciting races took place in the middle of the season. The last two races weren’t great and Abu Dhabi in particular was a pretty terrible race. Its left a slightly less good impression of the season as a whole than it perhaps deserves.

    My memory stretches back to the 1996 championship so that is my range that i’m comparing it to. Really, the only bad seasons were 2002 and 2004. 2001 and 2000 weren’t great either, but not “terrible”.

    Is this sesason the best ever? Hard to say, but certainly it was great.

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