Who will be the constructors’ championship runner-up?

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    Just curious, do you guys think that Mercedes will be able to upset Ferrari in the WCC and take the 2nd spot?



    No, Mercedes always fall back at the end of the season. Ferrari will take second again (ugh).



    I honestly don’t dare to make a prediction.

    Ferrari seem to have found some pace they lost after the beginning of the season, while Mercedes is sure to claw back after 2 bad weekends. Meanwhile, Lotus, despite their bad qualifying, had good race pace at Monza, but appear to be falling behind in the development race. That might be less influential if Ferrari and Mercedes decide to focus on their 2014 cars, though.

    Alonso and Hamilton will surely keep on scoring podiums and perhaps wins. Massa has been on and off all season, but usually doesn’t make the podium even on his on-days, while Rosberg has won races. He seems to be a little off since his win at Silverstone, though and I’m not sure he’ll bounce back. If he does, Mercedes probably have the strongest pairing and should edge Ferrari, provided Massa doesn’t maintain his Monza-form. Raikkonen and Grosjean need to put in some excellent qualifyings and races if they want to keep up with Ferrari and Mercedes, but Grosjean has been more off than on this season and has some terrible luck.

    I’d put a very small amount of money on Ferrari, mainly because I expect Alonso to score the most points out of the 6 people driving for these teams. If Rosberg finds his earlier form, though, it’ll be hard for Ferrari to maintain 2nd even if Massa retains his Monza form. Lotus seem to be falling behind, though.



    I would think Mercedes. Alonso should outscore Hamilton or Rosberg in this last part of the season, but I think Felipe isn’t going to score a lot of points or any podiums


    sleazy johns

    I think Ferrari will maintain its supremacy because, yes, Massa isn’t scoring many points, but is Rosberg?? Just MY 2 cents……


    Lucas Wilson

    Rosberg was doing well at Singapore, hopefully 2nd this year and 1st next year!



    With Massa leaving and speaking his mind that he will be racing for Team Massa moving forward, this is really the battle to watch!

    I would love to see Alonso and Massa racing wheel to wheel in a couple of races.

    Perhaps Massa can pull some of the moves on Alonso that he pulled on Hamilton in 2011.






    Mercedes will have a fair bit of advantage for qualifying, which will help quite a bit for India, Suzuka and Abu Dhabi I think. It seems that qualifying is a little important for Interlagos and Korea. Alonso will probably always fight his way up there, and it’s just very hard to predit how Massa will do in the race on any given weekend, but I do think he’ll stay close to Alonso during qualifying.

    All things considered, I’d say Mercedes.



    Ferrari yet again…



    Mercedes for shizzel!



    Mercedes !! I know it’s a bit tough with Fernando always managing 2nd place wherever possible . But I think Lewis can have some strong weekends in Korea and Abu dhabi . They just have to ensure they don’t get passed by Alonso at the start.



    Things are looking better for Mercedes for 2nd place in the WCC. Had they brought Lewis in earlier, they may have been even further ahead.

    I have no idea how Massa gets himself in so much trouble.

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