Webber – “friendly fire”?

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    Did you guys catch the part during the interview where Webber said that “there’s friendly fire we need to deal with”. What on earth is he talking about?

    At Monaco, he alluded to Red Bull trying to put Vettel in front and he said that would never happen.

    If Webber writes a book after his career at F1, it’ll sell 50 million copies;-)



    Possibly just that he could be passed by his team mate specifically.



    i read it as talking about reliability problems?


    Keith Collantine

    If Webber writes a book

    Webber wrote a book about his F1 career fairly recently, it was only sold in Australia I think.



    @Keith-Collantine Thanks, I didn’t know that. I can’t wait to hear the story AFTER he leaves Red Bull if we ever get the chance. I’m sure there must have been very tense moments between him, Seb, Horner, Marko, and Adrian…



    It was a very interesting statement – it can be construed many ways.



    I think whenever he’s mentioned “friendly fire”, he’s only ever referred to technical failures. He did the same in Hungary as well.

    In this case, I think he just meant the issue Vettel had on his car and the Kers issues he had himself in practice.



    Agree with @Ral I seem to recall Webber using the expression “friendly fire” to refer to internal mechanical issues, often the KERS failures that have affected his car so often.
    And Webber did release a heavily photo based review of his 2010 season, just in Australia. It’s a pretty decent read but much of the politics is left out… for now.


    Toro Stevo

    I’m not sure Webber would write about all the internal politics even after he retired. I hope he does of course, but I doubt he actually would. He doesn’t seem the sort to create drama over events which (by then) would be long past.



    He was clearly referring to the problems he had had in p2 and the build up to quali, to suggest anything else is just bad journalism…….. (EJ).



    Always something to blame. I think he lost it when he saw Vettel come storming down the field and all he had done so far was go backwards. He couldn’t be shown up like that.

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