Webber to retire?

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    @matt Clark
    Agreed I certainly liked @realracer ‘s comments as well.

    As for Kimi dealing with the BS politics at RBR I find that easy- he will tell them to leave him alone he is not paid to deal with that crap!! (May even do a t-shirt for the lads). I am really starting to like Kimi after really not being able to stand the guy after seeing how he treated his fan in Melbourne then Japan last year- I still dont like that, but see its just his no-nonesense way to go racing- after being at Ferrari who can blame him!

    Red Bull are a funny sqaud as well really- when then they started winning in 09 then got pretty competitive in 2010 they played “we are just a new team trying to compete with the big boys……….. blah blah…………” Now they are up there as one of the big boys (And while beating Ferrari & McLaren we all know they will never be recognised as an all time great like these team, and rightly so!) they now seem to have changed from the no-nonense team to the ‘all nonsense team’ – perhaps got too big too fast without the proper leaders in place maybe?? We know Marko is the wrong choice…………..

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)

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