Webber's car- pathetic

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    Hello, I am in china now for the race, can someone tell me what the hell is wrong with MW’s car? A kers problem? Cannot be fixed? I was sitting directly opposite his pit box for the qually and as he drove out a few mechanics ran out after him with their hands on their heads like they’d made a mistake ? Then how does the FIA just pull a car in for an inspection during the Qually? forgive me for not knowing whats going on the news in china isn’t superb. Could someone fill me in? Thanks



    someone tell me what the hell is wrong with MW’s car

    According to him, he was just slow, made the wrong tyre choice, left it too late, was over confident on getting through.

    He had KERS issues in FP3, but they were supposedly sorted for Quali.



    Im not sure of all the reasons but…

    1) his mechanical/electrical fault in FP3 that lead to his car being in pieces and rebuilt meant that he could set the car up properly.

    2) He went out on the hard tyres, Red Bull believed this should have been quick enough (see Vettel & the Maccas) BUT Kamui Kobayashi went out on the softs and his time was much quicker, everyone else went out again on the softs but Webber didnt. The softs are apparently a good 1 second quicker.

    3) the FIA had a random check on his car in Q1 and Webber was angry that this stop too long (75seconds i think). I think that this (and 2) meant that he couldnt get back, put on the softs and get back out again to set a faster time.

    Truth is, in my opinion, its a bit of all 3. A very bad day at the office for Mark.



    Some corrections on the above:

    KERS – Webber had no KERS for qualifying

    FIA – The random check was after he was eliminated from qualifying. It was just speculation by Brundle and Coulthard that Webber was angry about that – this was corrected by Ted Kravitz a couple of minutes later. He was more likely angry at being 18th on the grid!

    …and all the other reasons mentioned above.



    Seems to have come good though eh?


    Lasted better than vettel’s car eh?

    At least webber could talk to his pit crew during the race. Funny being the number 2 in Red Bull he sure likes to see his own teammate fail in winning towards the end. Yet when webber loses you don’t see seb opening his mouth hoping it continues do you? Real class webber real class, great drive, still jealous of sebastian though which isn’t a suprise.

    And the media say he’s a nice bloke? don’t make me laugh since he’s full of mind games towards vettel. I can’t wait to see him get the boot this year because even Lewis would give less daggers in the back to seb if he got masterclassed all season.




    What the hell are you blabbering on about? They are all competitors and he was gracious to Vettel and clearly happy the team finished on the podium but as a competitor of course he’s happy someone got ahead of Vettel so that he has an easier job getting to the top of the points. Webber hasn’t won the last 4 races in a row and hasn’t had pole in every race since last September like Vettel has. If you reverse the situation you can bet anything Vettel and anybody in the pitlane would be happy to see him finally lose.

    The media loves him because he speaks his mind and isn’t a robot spitting out what the team want to hear. Would you rather he say great job blah blah blah and be another copy paste of the other drivers? I respect him for being man enough to speak freely. And he should be happy Vettel lost, everyone should, again, it makes the championship closer.



    Yea… a bit strong Nico!

    It was a pretty dire qualifying session for Mark but that’s got to be one of the best races he’s ever had in contrast. It’s all about the result and the result this weekend was good.


    I’m sorry but I just dont get this “picture” that the media and public give Webber being the nice guy from down under who wouldn’t put a foot wrong and what he speaks is never BS. Sorry but he rubs me the wrong way as a teammate for Vettel, not just because “he’s a threat to Seb” or anything, just that last year he kept moaning and moaning and moaning (like I’m doing now) that he keeps getting shafted being the “number 2” not telling it to the media’s face but with little drips of hissy fits at certain grand prixs after silverstone.

    I’ve seen him on TV doing mind games with vettel it’s subtle in the “heat of the moment” but it’s plainly easy to see he’s already doing it again this year:

    WEBBER- “(It was good that someone finally), of course Seb is in the same team but he has been on a phenomenal run and we are all here together fighting for victories. Shame McLaren won in a way but also (we cant let Seb get too far away), (so it was good day for the racing) and good day for us in terms of points for the team”.

    Sorry If it looks like im taking it out of translation but still:

    1:He’s happy Vettel didn’t win, rather it being a different driver.

    2:(We can’t let Seb get too far)- He admits he wants it to continue.

    3:(Good day for racing)- Just because vettel didn’t win eh?

    You might think he’s all nice and charming, but I see BS and mindgames in between the lines, all pointed at vettel. I might be crazy, I might be right. Sorry for the last time see you in 3 weeks because my rant is over….ty.



    So we are to believe the guy who wants to be world champion and has had trouble scoring points should not be pleased that the championship leader hasn’t won a third race in a row…simply because they’re in the same team?



    Strikes me as being an honest approach to things regarding him not wanting to see Vettel on the top step, he is a competitor for the World DRIVER Championship after all. And I doubt he meant it was only an exciting race because Vettel won, it would have been exciting regardless, especially if Hamilton had kept the pressure on.



    @nico The media doesn’t really see Webber as a “nice guy,” rather as someone who is totally honest, blunt and not afraid of speaking his mind, a straight shooter in other words. That’s why the media like him, because they get a straight answer to their questions or some entertainment. He cuts through the PR bullshit and often says what everyone is thinking.

    If you look at his comments

    In Silverstone, the frenzy was about his wing being given to Seb and it being seen as relegating him to the no.2 spot in the team, after a commanding win, I’m sure a lot of people were also thinking, “Not bad for a number two driver.”

    If you look at what this forum was like post-qualifying and pre-race, people were convinced that the season would be a Vettel whitewash and boring as a result. He again said what everyone was thinking, that it’s nice to see Vettel’s winning streak end and open up the championship.

    “Nice guys” in F1 are people like Jenson, Rubens, Heikki. No-one has a bad word to say about those guys off the track.



    3:(Good day for racing)- Just because vettel didn’t win eh?

    I would say it would have been a good day more for the fact that he gained 15 places during the race rather than Vettel losing. But if you want to believe your own little fairy story, that’s fine with me.


    sbl on tour

    @ nico , think you should take off the wdc11 off yer avatar thingy cos based on rosbergs performance he has no chance, was very disappointed in him on sunday

    as for webber, used to think he was a right aussie whinger, but cahanged my mind over the past few seasons and at least you dont get pr drivel from him like 90% of the rest of them



    i agree with Nico WDC ’11

    one more thing that comes to my mind is that it is damn funny when some people on other boards start ridiculous conspiracy theories when webber has a technical problem with his car. then they suddenly say it was the evil red bull team. what a bulls*hit. nobody said something like that last year, when vettel lost a wheel nut, had a failure of a spark plug, had an engine failure and had massive brake problems. however he won the title with all these problems, which showed that nobody deserved the title more than him.

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