Wet Brazilian Grand Prix expected

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    The early forecasts are suggesting all 3 days a going to be hit by heavy rain; guys i have a feeling this boring season is going to be toped off with a classic, bring it on!



    2013 is probably the driest season ever, is it not? There were maybe 6 wet laps in Sepang, and the rest of the season has been bone-dry. I can’t remember the last season which had such a drought.

    I’m not buying these weather reports yet, though it would be nice to have a wet race at Interlagos, we’ve had multiple weather reports throughout this year which all suggested rain, and it turned out to be sunshine.


    Piotr Koteryl

    Brazil is a great track anyway, but when it’s hit by rain, all hell breaks loose. Bring it on! I just hope the FIA (and some of the more whingey drivers) don’t chicken out for the last race – let’s give these V8s a great send-off!



    Hulkenberg for pole! (again!)


    Iestyn Davies

    Hulkenberg for pole and win! Then promptly turned down for the Lotus drive! Bottas top 3 Q/R while Maldonado spins out on lap 1! Maldonado promptly hired by Lotus! :P Ideal podium – Hulk, Massa and Bottas. If RB dominate, then Webber winning ahead of Vettel. But Vettel wants 9 in a row…

    I do hope we have a wet classic in Brazil, frankly I want anything that shakes up the usual Vettel/RB dominance. Webber almost had a chance here but lost it in S3 in Q3. But RB’s car is the best part of one second a lap clear of everyone else (0.75 seconds at COTA I personally reckon), making Grosjean’s drive on Sunday really shine out. I’m staggered RB didn’t at least try to jump him in the pit stop phase with Webber (he was too far back).



    The early forecasts are suggesting all 3 days a going to be hit by heavy rain

    So we can expect a fully dry, processional race then.

    I hate to be a killjoy, but I’m sick of reading these early forecasts only to be let down by a dry, dull race. I’m not getting my hopes up…


    Keith Collantine

    sick of reading these early forecasts

    Agreed, not worth getting excited about a six-day forecast.



    I hope im not the only one who wants Webber to win his final GP over in Brazil, hopefully he’ll get in double figures with his 10th win :)


    Lucas Wilson


    Will the V8 engines have a special send of post after the final race?



    @full-throttle-f1 don’t be suprised if its Vettel doing more doughnuts ;)



    you know what will now happen? wet FP1, everyone stays in their garages, dry FP2, rain arrives after qualy, race morning is damp, but dries up in time for fully-dry race!



    Lucas Wilson


    If anyone asks, 2013 never happened :-)



    Actually, that would be awesome: at the end of the race, the top 3 do donuts on the pit straight until their engines blow!


    Iestyn Davies

    I know that 4 day forecasts are now as accurate as 1 day forecasts were in the 1980s. So as computational ability goes up, so will accuracy of forecast. When we approach Friday FP1, we should roughly know what weather is going to happen across the whole weekend.



    I wonder where we’re going to see the Lotusses in wet conditions, since neither their car, nor Grosjean has been stellar in wet conditions (And I’m saying that as a fan).

    Of course I’m hoping for him winning, Massa second and Hulkenberg 3rd, but the odds of that happening are fairly low…

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