Wet night race

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    I was just thinking

    What would happen if the night race in Singapore is held in wet conditions?

    Will it be cancelled since the visibility would be very low?

    Is there any street circuit grand prix held in rain before?



    There have been several street races held in the wet, like Monaco 2008 being the most recent F1 example to my memory.

    The visability in Singapore on a normal night is fantastic and I can’t imagine why it would be worse than a daytime race in the spray. The lights would shine through the spray I’m sure.

    I believe Le Mans goes on in the rain so why not F1



    thanks Zadak



    I’ve done a night race in the wet before and there was no visibility issues in fact it looks fantastic



    I think the biggest problem with a wet night race would be the glare of the light reflecting off of the water – however, in Pirelli’s wet tyre test at Abu Dhabi, at night and with water sprayed onto the track by a special truck, this didn’t seem to be a problem:


    The only problem with a wet Singapore race, then, would be whether they could finish the race – Singapore is very close to the two hour limit as it is, and with slower Pirelli’s this year I doubt they’ll do the full race distance on dries, let alone in the wet. But whatever happens, the race will go on!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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