What about Alonso's possible penalty?

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    Anyone watching the BBC programme would have seen that one of the eagle-eyed producers spotted Alonso’s rear wing opening briefly where it shouldn’t have done. I also noticed that whilst trying to pass Schumacher early on, it wouldn’t open for him so this was obviously a technical fault. Nonetheless, it was still against the regulations. So will Alonso get a penalty? Or were the BBC the only ones to notice it – and the FIA didn’t?



    I think it will go down as no advantage gained. If they do penalize him it will be another bad decision from the stewards.



    Ferrari have a DRS system that is activated by a foot pedal. It could be that a lot of times Alonso’s foot is just resting on that pedal after hitting the brakes. Additionally, it is a screw up an the part of the FIA. Why the hell was his DRS system even available during that part of the circuit? If there is anyone who should be penalised it should be the FIA, as it could have led to a potentially dangerous situation for a driver to have a DRS wing suddenly available to him.



    Some people really will clutch at anything to try and attack a driver they don’t like. It was a DRS error which meant it was active 300m late on the back straight, and then was mistakenly still active for a time after the hairpin. It wasn’t intentional he didn’t gain and advantage and it really is completely irrelevant.



    I think adam cooper mentioned that the FiA didn’t consider it to be a problem so aren’t investigating it.

    Not sure I agree with that, but no action will be taken as far as I am aware



    @Ads – who said I don’t like Alonso? I asked a perfectly decent question about the rules. I don’t have any favourite drivers, I’m just a fan of the sport as a whole. Thanks for your input.



    Yep agree with jonnyw360f1 about the rules. Sauber got penalised in Oz for a tiny infringement that didn’t bring any benefit. Its my opinion that the rules should be followed to the letter as they have been thus far this season. Therefore, the fact that no advantage was gained is irrelevant.

    The only defence is that it was an FiA error.



    This would be a perfect opportunity for the FIA to set a president.

    Irrespective that nothing was gained, a rule is a rule and Alonso broke the rule.

    Alonso therefore CHEATED!!! It is not his fault that he did not gain from breaking the

    rules. Perfect opportunity for the FIA to set an example, ensuring that in future

    rules are not broken, ensuring appropriate competition is in place.


    Ned Flanders

    Come on Ads, you’re a bit overly defensive of Ferrari at times. It’s a perfectly reasonable question, obviously Alonso is unpopular and has a history of controversy so it’s hardly surprising that people have picked up on this. Assuming it was accidental then there is no need for any penalty, but I can see why people were initially suspicous



    Assuming that was the only time it opened out of the zone I dont think it will be a problem, and as has been said it’s the FIA’s fault that it did open, since it is supposed to be locked out at that point.



    He broke into the hairpin with the DRS activated, so it should have penalised him.



    it should have been locked by FIA. Moreover, he had to brake with the open wing, so he could have got more troubles than benefits from this.



    He didn’t have to brake with DRS open. He closed it, as per usual, and activated it for a moment on the short straight. Could there be something on it, like Ferrari having it automatic when reaching a certain gear?



    The BBC footage showed the wing closed coming out of the hairpin, it opened and then closed again. One explanation could be this; the wing closes as a consequence of braking – the angle at which the wing is when open means that under braking the wing will automatically close. Maybe in the heat of the moment Alonso kept his finger on the button and it then opened under acceleration? A far-fetched story, I know…but maybe plausible? Even so, Alonso should probably get penalised – like sw pointed out, the Saubers got penalised for an even smaller indiscrepancy in Melbourne.



    @Ned: If you look hard enough you will find every top driver has a “history of controversy”.

    In AUS Lewis had a *possible* overly worn wooden plank. The FIA never released any statement about it even though many people were asking questions about it.

    The FIA have taken the same approach to this. They dont feel the need to punish him, and so they have made no statement.

    What seems to be the most likely case, is that the FIA provided system glitches and they dont want to embarrass themselves further.

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