What are the greatest F1 grand prixs from 1979-2010?


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    I am new to both f1fanatic and f1 in general due to being an American and f1 getting little coverage. This year I have stayed up till the wee hours of the morning when necessary to watch every race and look forward to f1fanatics pre and post race articles that have helped me get a handle on f1. Now, with the summer break, I need some recommendations for great races to watch until Spa! So I ask for your help and suggestions of the most exciting, entertaining, important, legendary, turned-you-onto-f1 races that you can think of. I greatly appreciate any and all suggestions!

    P.S. I’ve already watched Monaco 1984 (epic) and am planning on watching Japan 1989, Brazil 2008, and Spain 1996 very soon.



    Suzuka has lots of classics…

    Japan 1994 – for the one-off suspense created by aggregate timing and Hill trying to keep the championship alive.

    Japan 2000 – Schumacher wins first championship for Ferrari after great battle with Hakkinen

    Japan 2005 – excellent overtaking manoeuvres involving Raikkonen and Alonso.


    Spa 2000 – Hakkinen vs Schumacher

    Imola 2005 – Alonso vs Schumacher



    Europe-Nurburgring 07

    Malaysia 2009

    Monaco 2008

    I liked Italy-Monza 1988

    Canada 2005.

    I liked Monza 2006 as well.

    Silverstone 2007 *Massa charge through the field* :P

    Spa 98

    Mexico 1990.

    Dijon 1979.

    Japan 2007.

    Brazil 2006 – Schumi fighting back. Brazil 2007- it’s Hamilton’s turn.



    I couldn’t say from 1979-1995 but my era (1996 – onwards) These are the most memorable races.

    Monaco 1996

    Hungary 1997 (heartbreaking but unforgettable)

    Spa 1998

    Nurburgring 1999

    Spa 2000

    Malaysia 2001

    Brazil 2003

    Suzuka 2005

    Hungary 2006

    Nurburgring 2007

    Monza 2008

    Spa 2008

    Brazil 2008

    Australia 2010

    China 2010

    Montreal 2010


    Everything TommyB89 said, but also Canada 2007 and Australia 2006, ’08 & ’09.



    Ah good point. Add them to my list :)



    Hmmm. I’ll take care of retro for you.

    1. Monaco 1982 – The race no one wanted to win.

    3. USA West 1983 – Greatest come-from-behind win.

    4. Spain 1986 – Mansell vs. Senna decided by inches.

    5. Australia 1986 – What a way to decide the title.

    6. Britain 1987 – All about Our Nige.

    7. Monaco 1988 – Senna’s exception to the rule.

    8. Belgium 1992 – Michael Schumacher’s coming-out party.

    9. Europe 1993 – F1’s only-ever race at Donington Park. Lap 1 = required watching for any F1 fan.

    10. Belgium 1995 – Schumacher vs. Hill in a nutshell.



    From recent years Spa 2008 got me jumping and screaming. Well the last laps did. That was awesome!



    Races that haven’t been said yet:

    Australia 2003

    Belgium 2004

    Malaysia 2005

    Monaco 2005

    Monaco 2006

    Turkey 2006

    China 2007

    Britain 2008

    Japan 2008

    China 2009

    Brazil 2009

    Turkey 2010


    sbl on tour

    of the ones i,ve been to , monza 1999 sticks out, as does monaco 1982

    sbl on tour



    If you want to get hooked on F1, watch Suzuka 2005. Absolutely incredible race.



    2006 Hungary. I’ve been harping on about it a lot recently (it was just the Hung GP afterall) but the first lap by Alonso is a cracker, the best ever.

    Canada 1978

    Spain and Monaco 1981. So the same driver won but he really shouldn’t have.

    China 2006? I quite liked it myself


    sbl on tour

    hey steph, check out mansells move on senna whilst lapping johannsen in hungary, cant rem the year but at the time that was dynamite!!

    sbl on tour



    How about, for historical purposes, first qualifying, second qualifying and the race IMOLA 1994

    shumacher antics ADELAIDE 1994

    more schumacher antics JEREZ 1997

    SPA 1998 for the spectacular start crash

    The diabolical race at INDIANAPOLIS 2005

    BRAZIL 2003

    USA 2007

    CANADA 2007

    USA 2003

    BRITAIN 1986

    Enjoy Mack41



    Thanks for all the help so far! I’m ordering a huge external hardrive so I can download all of these. It seems that theres a ton of catching up for me to do and I can’t wait to get to it! There seems to be so many good races from 2008 I plan on watching the whole season from start to finish since pretty much every race has been mentioned lol. Can’t wait for Spa and whatever shenanigans we’ll get treated to this time

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