What could be a better use of DRS?

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    Rather than using it during the race for overtaking, once the race is finished and the cars are all lined up in parc ferme, each driver pulls a ball out of a bag, places the ball on the DRS flap, which is then used to flick the ball into the air. Each ball is a different weight, and are drawn randomly by the driver. The number of feet into the air the ball is flicked, translates into a number of seconds taken off of the driver’s overall race time. So if the ball is flicked 20 feet into the air, that driver has 20 seconds taken off of his race, and his position is adjusted accordingly. Each driver does this, in reverse finishing order, until the final positions have been decided.

    It’ll be much more exciting and less artificial..



    Instead of having the DRS flap on the rear wing, extend the front wing by about a metre and use that instead. Rather than using the device to overtake, the idea is to drive up behind an opponent, hook the front wing under his car, then activate the flap to flip his car off of the track, a-la Robot Wars..



    Cover the entire surface of each car with super thin OLED surfaces. These will replace the usual paint/vinyl wrap that’s currently used for the car’s livery. Normally, during the race, these will show the car’s normal livery, but once the DRS is activate, the car turns pink, with stars and love hearts and rainbows, and a massive loudspeaker in the back of the car plays a pre-recorded message shouting “I’m a big girl who doesn’t know how to overtake, so I need this special cheating wing to help me get past everyone!” in the voice of a nasal-sounding 5 year old girl.



    Each time the DRS is activated, the driver loses a WDC point.



    DRS, applied to all wings, is controlled by a vote system among international fans. If a significant population choose to enable it at once, then DRS is activated for a specific car. This gives fans the option of aiding their favourite driver or making their opponents crash.




    You’re on a roll! Now it’s time for rehab… ;)



    How about each driver having 20 bursts per race, but when they press the button, it only opens 2 minutes after it was pressed, meaning they must time it so it doesn’t open mid corner, and if they get caught up in back markers they may have trouble.



    If a driver opens DRS, it opens the wing on everyone’s car but his.


    Jon Sandor

    It often seems like we got stuck with DRS all because of one race – Abu Dhabi 2010.

    My solution would be to scrap DRS entirely at most circuits and only keep it for those where passing is notoriously difficult: Monaco, Hungary, Abu Dhabi, perhaps Singapore, perhaps the Nürburgring.



    the guys over at DTM get to use DRS every lap for 20 seconds (at least they did when i watched Rd 1 at Hockenhiem). perhaps in F1 they could make it available for 7.5 seconds at any time on street circuits (especially monaco), and 10 or 15 on regular circuits?



    Drivers get their starting position in number of DRS activations (1st – 1, 2nd -2 … 20th – 20) to use during the race? :D


    Mike Dee

    What I dislike most about DRS is that drivers stop trying to overtake somewhere else on the circuit. So I was thinking that one should only be able to use DRS if one was within a second at the DRS detection point for three laps or so. This will still stop slower cars from holding up faster cars for too long when it is really not possible to overtake, but most drivers should still have the incentive to overtake earlier rather than waiting.



    Just reposition the DRS zones to the most dangerous/fastest parts of the race track. DRS would now take cojones to activate.

    I’d love to see some DRS overtaking on Eau Rouge.

    Just got a great idea.

    How about extending the single DRS usage span to 30 seconds? The driver would activate it on the straight, gain the advantage, and then would have to be really smart not to lose the advantage on the upcoming corners, as, obviously, at no place in the F1 calendar we have flat-out parts lasting over 30 seconds.

    Think about it.



    I’d like to see each track have several DRS zones, but allow everybody to use it maybe 5 times or so per race. At a circuit such as Monza, you could choose to use it on the main straight, the one between Lesmo and Ascari, and Ascari to Parabolica. But, you can only press the DRS button 5 times per race. However, everyone can use it 5 times, it’s just up to them when it’s most advantageous to use it.



    I wonder if DRS could be used in MOTOGP somehow.

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