What do you have to go through to watch Formula 1?

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    We all love Formula 1. It’s why we’re here. But sometimes, watching the races can be really impractical – early-morning wake-ups, dodgy commentators and questionable live streaming are all part and parcel of seeing the race at times.

    But what I’m really curious about is the things you have to endure just to watch the race.

    The reason why I’m asking is because the Australian broadcaster, Channel Ten, is heavily promoting the second season of a show called “Offspring”. “Offspring” is one of the worst shows I’ve ever had to endure – abysmal dialogue, characters that you simply cannot relate to and so on and so forth. It’s usually on before the race and it usually runs overtime by ten or fifteen minutes.

    So, what do you have to put up with just to watch a race?



    Eddie Jordan’s rants that last about 5 minutes, and don’t make any specific point apart from proving he is a bit of a fool!

    Otherwise I think we are pretty lucky in the UK, a lot of the races are at a reasonable time, and even the early ones aren’t so early that you spend the rest of the day in a daze.

    This isn’t really what you wanted from a response to this post. Sorry!



    the wife’s earbashing because the times in Europe are inpractical, 12pm – 3pm, on a sunday, when there is nothing else to do but it is still inpractical other than that, i like getting up early for the fly away races



    Oh, this is going to be quite a funny list…

    When they began broadcasting in 96 we had to endure with a commentator who used to comment on tennis. If i knew about things to come, i would enjoy it more…

    Then we had to catch pretty dull aerial signal of russian channel, because no one broadcasted it in Ukraine and at the time online streaming was not possible

    Mind you that they all didn’t bother to show qualifying at all, by the way.

    Then it came back to national TV with a commentator who was…a chess specialist. Jonathan Legard was a god of commentary compared to him, absolutely. But he invited various guests as a second commentators – most of them were racing people or enthusiasts, which added to commentary. But anyway it was way better to switch the sound off most of the races. Showing qualifying (but not live) was an improvement.

    Then in 2004 they moved all broadcasts to night. 2AM was the time, and no qualifying again. With chess specialist involved you simply had to switch the sound off not to fall asleep.

    Nevertheless, came 2005 and no one was broadcasting anything at all. So all you could do is go to a pub to watch it on satellite from Russia and pray that race won’t interfere with some football game, because the pub would choose it instead of F1.

    Also for all times coverage was interrupted for adverts.

    But from Monaco that year came the good times. One of the smaller channels secured a deal, employed a good commentator and managed ads the way that the race was uninterrupted. Happiness! And it lasted for a few years. Live quali, live race, good speech – who could ask for more? Even when they moved qualifying to sunday morning i wasn’t disappointed really, because there was a good chance to catch it live online from ITV and BBC later on.

    This year no one bought rights at the start of the season again, so online was the only way to watch. Glitchy, banned for copyright infringement, overcrovded with people – doesn’t matter, no other options exist. But from Turkey onwards first national channel bought the rights and guess who’s back in a commentary box? That’s right – chess beast. I simply won’t watch. And they’re not live either, race was scheduled to broadcast one hour after the actual start.

    So here i am, stealing BBC feed and considering buying myself a British VPN to watch it like a normal person.

    It’s like that in some countries :)



    I dislike the 12-3pm races. They are slap bang in the middle of my weekend. So I endure a disjointed Sunday with little option to make use of the day.

    I love the fly-aways! Early morning starts are fantastic. I get to watch the race with a cup of coffee and breakfast and then have my entire Sunday to be sociable.



    Leftie – that sounds like an absolute nightmare. Feel stupid complaining about ITV and then Jonathan Legard.


    Stephen Jones

    leftie.. that sounds mega horrible! i’m never going to complain about our commentary ever again!



    We get it pretty easy in the UK so I can’t complain too much.

    My only gripe is planning my TV schedule for every other form of motorsport I follow. It’s a real science!

    Early mornings aren’t an issue for me. Ever since Australia last year (I was hurrendously hung-over after a party) I have taken precautions to ensure I have a quiet night before.

    I do feel guilty organising mine and Nichola’s Sunday around the GP but she’s a good ‘un :)



    I’m in the U.S. That’s all I’m going to say…



    Midnight races, and we only get the sessions, none of this pre-race stuff that your brits get, luckily though we get BBC feed instead of the Aussie feed



    It’s not really what I have to go through but what friends and relatives have to go through such as me missing birthdays, nights out, trips etc and having to tolerate random F1 references in the middle of a conversation fotr instance the other day when catching up on some gossip about a friend named John I started to go on about Jean Alesi and his loyalty towards Ferrari while everyone looked at me as though I was insane.



    I have DVR so I just record the sessions. Otherwise I would be up at odd hours. I used to download the BBC coverage of the races via easynews.



    Because we work Sunday’s here in the UAE (why why why!!!), I have to set a recoding for the race and then avoid all F1 related news, all live timing screens, all live commentray streams! It’s pretty difficult for an F1F!

    I then watch the race at night, with Arabic commentary…that’s worse than you can possibly imagine because it seems to have nothing to do with the race. Every now and then they will drop in the odd “Nelson Piquet, 1967, Arrows, Judd engine”… which makes complaints about Jonathan Legard seem rather unfounded!


    sbl on tour

    I hate those far away mickey mouse races, you get up really early on saturday and sunday, watch the practice and then the race, which normally turns out to be really boring, then youre knackered for the rest of sunday, you swear youll not do it again, but you always do.

    rem getting up to watch the aus gp once , only for coulthard to let hakkers pass him at the very end, hated coulthard for that, what a waste of b…time, could of had an extra 3 hours in bed, thanks ron!



    I gave up my job to follow F1. Okay, there were a host of other good reasons, but working every Saturday and Sunday in the F1 season? Nah.

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