What do you miss about F1 compared to 2006?

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    A short time ago I was casting my mind back to 2006 and thinking about how much has changed in F1 since then. Back in 2006 we had all of the following:

    2 tyre suppliers

    Only 1 dry-weather compound

    Grooved tyres

    Traction control & other driving aids

    Fuel-burn phase in Q3*

    Qualifying with race fuel

    Mid-race refuelling

    Aerodynamic parts on cars

    Wider rear wings

    Narrower front wings

    Spare cars

    Lower teams running 3 cars in Friday practice

    Unlimited testing

    Massive spending

    Adverts during races*

    ITV presenters & commentators

    No restrictions on gearboxes

    A points system that rewarded consistency more than winning

    Going back a further 5 years to 2001, we also had the following:

    Ferrari domination*

    No restrictions on engines

    No parc ferme

    A points system which often led to the championship being clinched with several races remaining

    Naturally, some of these aspects of the sport I do not miss (especially those with *).

    Which of these do you miss (or not miss) in particular? Are there any other notable changes to the sport that I have not included?



    Black and Silver Mclaren Livery,



    Dan Thorn

    Other than having spare cars and unlimited testing, I don’t miss any of it. I suppose freer engine regs were better as well…

    Oh,and Alonso being a reigning double world champion of course!


    Craig Woollard

    3 cars on friday

    Spare cars

    Tyre war

    That’s all I miss really…



    Though I’ve only really followed F1 since 2008, I think spare cars, 3 cars on Friday, no restriction on engines and no restrictions on gearboxes would be good.

    The things I have no opinion on are wider rear wings, narrower front wings and no parc ferme.

    Everything else I think is better out of F1.



    The R26…*drools*

    And Schumacher, unfortunately he has yet too show himself again.



    From 2006:

    Narrower front wings

    From 2001:

    No restrictions on engines

    All the rest either added nothing compared to today or were negative.



    -Alonso and Fisichella together at Renault

    -The blue and yellow livery of Renault

    -Honda’s Lucky Strike livery

    -Takuma Sato

    -Two tyre suppliers

    -Cars looked better

    -Schumacher at Ferrari

    -Juan Pablo Montoya

    -The points system

    -Alonso winning the championship

    Just about everything really, 2006 was my favourite ever season. The story of the championship was brillant with Alonso taking the early lead and Schumacher then catching up.



    Nothing really.

    Everything is better now IMHO.


    Keith Collantine

    I was going to say V10 engines but then I remembered they went out the year before.

    So I’d bring back Juan Pablo Montoya and all the teams that have left since then (while keeping all the current ones).

    And yeah, it would be nice if the front and rear wing proportions could be closer to what we had then. The cars do look rather silly at the moment.

    Other than that, good riddance to tyre wars, refuelling, race-fuel qualifying, grooved tyres and ITV.



    I miss an absolutely stellar Fernando Alonso winning. Thats about it.



    I miss controversies over a team having a component that gives them an advantage. Oh wait.

    How many teams, apart from the three new ones, are actually new teams and not evolutions of the 2006 teams? Obviously I’d prefer Minardi to Toro Rosso but we can’t have both. All I can think of is Super Aguri and Toyota.



    Something that I didn’t mention was the greater number of engine suppliers (7 in 2006, 4 in 2011).










    Although the spread of engines throughout the grid is good this year:

    3 Teams have Ferrari (Ferrari, Sauber and STR)

    3 Teams have Mercedes(Mercedes, Mercedes and FI)

    3 Teams have Renault (Renault, Lotus and RedBull)

    3 Teams have Cosworth(Williams, HRT and Virgin)

    I’m still hoping we get 4cyl/V6 turbo engines after the rule chage and that it tempts new companies, like VW who are itching to start in F1, and who might drag BMW back in to have a German battle along with Merc too, and the Japanese might want to come back with Honda/Toyota coming for more road relevant tech. None of this will happen with ‘just keeping V8s.’



    The front and rear wings(they look stupid now, even an IndyCar looks better than a current F1 car)


    Schumacher at Ferrari

    No stupid high curbs within chicanes

    Fast double right hander at catalunya



    Drivers of Ide’s calibre, just so we can laugh at them

    V10 engines (using a loophole here, Toro Rosso used a rev restricted one so i’d bring that back from 2006(without restriction)

    Sponsors logos being all over cars

    Super Aguri

    Everything else is ok.

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