What do you want to know about Codemasters F1 2011?

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    Keith Collantine

    Having just played the beta version of F1 2011 (see here: F1 2011? Codemasters F1 sequel played) I’d like to know what you’re most keen to see in the upcoming game.

    Leave any questions or points you have about any aspects of the game below and I’ll endeavour to cover them when I get to review the finished game.



    I think i’d like to know about Codemaster’s quality control. Last year’s release was great, however there were a number of bugs in the full release that really shouldn’t have been there (in particular the pit stop bug that was never truly fixed).

    Additionally i’d like to ask about the wet weather engine – will it be improved? In F1 2010 it felt that the track physics and the wet weather graphics didn’t link up (i.e. it would be raining but the game didn’t classify it as ‘wet’)


    I agree entirely about the bugs being the number 1 priority. F1 2010 was a decent game for a first try that was let down by the rather embarrassing frequency of glitches and game-ruining bugs. I can imagine Codemasters are already concentrating on this after last year anyway, because I’m sure they don’t want to suffer another backlash.

    Personally, what I’d really like to find out more about is the online functionality. After running the Collantine Cup last year, I’d really like to see some added features to online multiplayer to help enhance what is already a solid gameplay experience online. Things like post-race statistics and more detailed results, a lobby text-chat system, the ability to allow players to join after a race session is launched and giving the ‘host’ of private sessions sole power to begin the pre-race countdown. Also, I’d really like the ability to save replays of multiplayer races like so many other racing games offer, especially after the first season of the Collantine Cup. The fact that we had some fantastic battles and spectacular incidents but had no way to watch them back afterwards without recording them all live ourselves was a shame. So if they could perhaps expand on their plans for enhancing online multiplayer this year, I’d really like to see what they have in store for us.



    same,i want to know about the bugs and also whether there will be a saftey car despite the SC boards shown in the game and finally will there be a more accurate penalty system


    Stephen Jones

    What’s the paddock like? are the motorhomes and garages different?



    The bug thing is my big issue. Because I live in the stone ages and don’t have Xbox live or PSN, I couldn’t download the patch and get rid of them, so the game spent very little time in my console and lots of time on in my cupboards, which was a huge shame because I was looking forward to the game for months and the bugs just ruined it.

    And, come to think of it, the game is easier to play with a steering wheel than it is with a controller. Something has to be done about that because not all of us have steering wheels (again because I live in the stone age).



    After taking part in the Collantine Cup, I would say everything MAG said, along with a more stable online experience if possible. With other Brits fighting for position was fine, but with Australians, the lag made things difficult at times.

    I’d also like the cars to be more fragile, and I don’t want that silly slow mo during your accidents, I can use slow motion in the replays.



    Pretty much what MG said, I’d like more post online race statistics (I.e Fastest Lap etc) and flexibility in the lobbys. I don’t really get why this wasn’t available in the 2010 version, afterall it was based on the Race Driver Grid engine which had all of these features already!

    An online time trial mode.


    Dan Thorn

    Will the game recognise the ‘pressure’ system on the buttons and D-Pad of the PS3 controller? Believe or not I still like to play every racing game with X and the D-Pad and although the previous game allowed me to change the controller mapping, it would only recognise the buttons digitally and not analogously. I find having to use the triggers and/or the sticks much less precise and that detracted a lot of my gaming experience.



    Will there be any difference between the console versions and the PC version (ie. could the PC be for more sim-oriented players), or is the PC just a port of the console version(s)?



    Have they fixed the rain graphics yet? F1 2010 in cockpit camera mode, the rain on the visor was simply a big blotch of fat pixels rather than proper rain. Didn’t notice that in DiRT2 or DiRT3. and all 3 games run on the same engine. I especially liked the rain effect in NFS Hot pursuit 2010. if they could do something like that.

    And did they balance the difficulty level throughout all the tracks? A lot of them complained that the difficulty level of the AI changes in certain tracks and they become super brilliant.



    – Can other drivers change teams?

    – Are the car numbers changed?

    – Is the paddock any different?

    – Do you have any good helmets to choose from?



    -split screen championship

    -not being able to drive in the wet on slicks!

    that is all



    Will they fix the Qualifying or will it still be scripted?

    Will the head mechanic wait for a 800m gap before releasing you from your pit?

    will sector 3 be timed?

    Will trophy’s be presented on the podium?

    Can someone actually Bug test the game before I pay for it this time?



    @daykind, I highly doubt it on your first question, due to contracts with the teams and Codemasters etc, the same with the numbers.

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