What does your F1F name mean?

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    I go on these forums everyday and I’ve seen some very creative names. So i was just wondering, what do your names mean? How did they originate? I’ll start with myself.

    Polishboy808 (Pronounced Pole-ish boy 808) came from me being Polish (Of Polish Nationality and not nail polish, as many people mispronounce it), and 808 was in a song that I heard on the radio and thought it sounded cool. Ive used this name for about 5 years, and Im NEVER planning on changing it :)



    Oops, sorry for posting under f1 topics, meant to post it under non f1.



    When i was at primary school my mates used to call me ‘superted’ as ted is short for edward and probably because i was super rubbish at football.

    The 666 bit is because when i signed up for my hotmail account 10 years ago ‘superted’ was already taken and at the time it seemed ‘cool’.

    Wish i had gone for something a little smarter to be honest but what’s done is done :)


    Dan Thorn

    Mine means…er…Oh yes. Nope, it’s gone again.

    It means something very significant in my life and I feel very guilty that I can’t remember what it is.



    My name is Wasif so being an F1 fan I write it as wasiF1, which many thinks here that my name is Wasi.



    Contraction of my real name, swapping ‘ks’ for ‘x’.



    True F1 Grit.

    The 2009 Goodwood Festival of Speed’s topic was “True Grit, Epic feats of Endurance” It was my second motorsport big name event, after Belgium 2008, And I got to meet a host of F1 Drivers and Personal including my favourite driver Lewis Hamilton, who drove up, parked next to me, within toucing distance, and got out of his car, as, while I was standing there, they checked everything over ready for his run, he took his helmet off, and he signed my book, magical, and David Coulthard. I added F1 in there too because im a fanatic, aren’t we all :P

    To keep these memories with me, I made it my online username for F1 related sites :)



    My real name is Steve H but I was such a big fan of Tommy B from Blazin’ Squad I made it my username…

    No, only kidding my real name is Tom B and as there was so many Tom’s I got nicknamed Tommy B at school.



    It’s my initials. ;P



    Won’t tell you what it means, it’ll remain an enigma….



    My username is an Anglicisation of the Greek word for my star sign (??????). I guess it should be “Ichthyes” but I like it better this way.




    When i read you name I see “Itchy eyes” lol


    Ned Flanders

    My name’s Edward Flanders, but my friends call me Ned :)


    ‘The Magnificent Geoffrey’ was the name we gave to one of the goldfish in our Year 9 Maths class.


    Ned Flanders

    What’s the point in giving a golfish a name? It’ll only forget it after a few seconds…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 107 total)

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