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    The awesome ghost car camera shots we got in Bahrain. You could really see the difference in the way corners were taken. Bring it back F1!



    Did we get them in Bahrain? I remember having them last year i think – the shots where you saw car comparisons through corners and how fast they came out compared to each other e.t.c? No idea why they got killed off! They were good!

    Actually… I don’t know if FOM got rid of them when they changed other parts of the format at the start of the year… like when people complained when they had changed how you saw the times at the side of the screen (you didn’t see them at all). They’ve changed them back now but maybe they got rid of the ghost car feature when they changed them back



    They can so easily give us so much more. But why don’t they… A question we been asking for year (around here).

    The ghost car for corner comparision is indeed very cool and very missed!



    In Nascar they have so many cool stats including a gap to leader round the whole lap so you can see how close they are through every corner and where they lose time etc.



    I remember it was also in Valencia in 2009, it was awesome to watch the comparison between Raikkonen and Badoer through the slow right-hander on the bridge.



    @ TommyB89

    ” awesome ghost car camera shots” I am afraid!!

    Yeah between the qualifying they should let us see that to compare the driving line between team mates or even the cars.



    You have to give US racing it’s due – it is fantastic with stats etc. Infact watching any US sport on a US network, there is constant rolling stats about everything – something which would be great in F1. Currently I have to sit with my laptop open on live timing to get anything close to this.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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