What if F1 had double file rolling starts?

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    As the title says, what are your thoughts?

    I think a couple of the boring tracks should have rolling starts, like Abu Dhabi and Barcelona.

    Also, why doesn’t F1 have theatric camera views like in v8 supercars where they put cameras in the road, in the kerb and on a super fast zipline?



    you can’t have significantly different rules from event to event. rolling starts are terrible, as are double-file restarts. the indy 500 still uses the ridiculous rolling 3-wide start – what a mess!

    the best system was what we had for half a century until a couple years ago – single file restart, no passing until the start/finish line. simple and effective.

    as for the cameras, they’re located all over the place, but not equally at every race. some have several, but i don’t remember seeing any at melbourne.



    Watch the first 15 laps of the Indy Car Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. I think you’ll find it a terrible, terrible idea.


    Stephen Jones

    contrary to everyone else.. i’d actually like this.

    adds another dimension, which the drivers have to adapt to.. and its not like they’ve never done rolling starts before.. they all came through karts and the like.

    it’d make it more interesting! only downside is that there is a higher potential for carnage.. though i think the indycar at St. Petersburg was a bit of an outlier..



    Watch the first 15 laps of the Indy Car Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. I think you’ll find it a terrible, terrible idea.

    Indycar have always had double file rolling starts so that first lap crash would have happened weather the rules where changed or not. It had nothing to do with starting double file and everything to do with being the first race of the season and people being to eager to get into the first turn.



    This idea doesn’t sit well with me for F1. The starts are good enough. Imagine the potential carnage!



    I agree I wouldn’t want to be next to Sutil on a rolling start, but is carnage on a boring track really that bad? I would rather see carnage than nothing at all…


    Keith Collantine

    I think losing standing starts would be dreadful – they’re a brilliant part of the spectacle.

    Making the restarts double-file instead of single-file is an interesting idea. Although I think it would be possible at most circuits I don’t think it would at Monaco, and I’d rather not see a rule as important as that vary from circuit to circuit.



    Losing the “running” start at Le Mans was a terrible thing even if I have the utmost admiration for Jacky Ickx. Why would we get rid of standing starts in F1 ? Correct me if I am wrong, but the last deadly accidents on a starting grid were Peterson in 1978 and Paletti in 1982, that’s a long time ago. I actually have another idea, why not go back to the three abreast standing start as was the case in the 60’s ? (except at Monaco of course)



    If possible on all tracks (referring to what Keith writes about Monaco) I think having double file restarts would help get the field going better. As a variant to that, what if the cars on the leading lap line up right and the lapped cars on the left?

    Last SC we had, it really helped Vettel that the chasing cars got stuck behind back markers for a few corners/laps. Going 2 abreast might help make it more of a race.



    F1 should keep standing starts, but double-file rolling restarts might be interesting.

    As for cameras, I know Interlagos had a camera on a track about the pitlane that followed cars along, and at the Hockenheimring, there is a zip-line camera between the turn 4 hairpin and turn 5 (the bit where the Ferrari’s swapped, if that helps visualise it).

    Montreal was always good for hiding cameras in kerbs and fences. There was always 2 cameras (front and rear facing) in the barrier on the exit of turn 4, whioch showed how close the cars got. Don’t know if they’re still using it though.



    Not sure what to think. But the most important rule concerning restarts that we need to bring in is to tell lapped cars to go to the back of the queue, it spoils the whole point of bunching the cars together and is an accident waiting to happen.

    3 cars abreast standing starts…I like it but some tracks would be too narrow for it and again, accidents. What I would rather see is the even side of the grid brought forward to be level with the odd side of the grid, so there’s no disadvantage from the dirty side where starting 3rd is better than 2nd. Although with these new Pirellis starting from the clean side is less of an advantage as the track doesn’t rubber in, so we’ll see.


    Stephen Jones

    and something else.. what was F1 like before the 5 lights? i don’t think there’s anything else in the world that gets my heart beating faster..



    The guy with the flag about 2 foot from the cars! That would surely get your heart racing more ;)



    Rolling Starts are for series’ with undisciplined drivers and namby pamby safety regs! F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and the drivers are supposed the be the best in the world, standing starts are the only way. They are also MUCH more exciting!

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