What Is Auto GP?


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    Simple question. What is Auto GP and as a category, where does it rank in the grand scheme of things?



    Erm I think it was brought in to replace the F3000 Euroseries last year, using old A1GP chassis. Last year Romain Grosjean won it despite missing the first two rounds.

    Here’s a video of the big startline crash that happened at Imola last year:



    Ned Flanders

    Wow, those drivers must be useless! It surprises me that sort of thing never really happens in F1- with the exception of Petrov and Hulkenberg last year the drivers are always so much more sensible off the grid


    The Dutch Bear

    I believe AutoGP is the successor of what used to be the Italian F3000 Championship. It uses the old A1GP chassis, the Lola-Zytek, not the Ferrari chassis used in the last year of A1GP. AutoGP is ranked around the World Series of Renault, F3, GP3, I guess. AutoGP is run during the WTCC weekends, such as in Hungary this weekend. On the subject of A1GP, it seems as though Superleague Formula is dropping its football teams competition and replacing it with a country-to-country competition. This weekend will be the first race in Assen. I find it weird they chose Assen rather than Zandvoort, as Assen is suited for motorcycle racing, but not for Grand Prix-style racing where Zandvoort is.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Wow, those drivers must be useless!

    AutoGP isn’t some graveyard for the careers of aspiring Formula 1 drivers who never made it past Formula 3. When Romain Grosjean was outsed from Renault and was unable to secure a GP2 seat, he went to AutoGP.

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