What is in Sutil's future?

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    Sutil is one of the promising proven drivers still available on the market. He has teams like WIlliams and Renault to look at. Recently reports have been emerging of him staying there for one more year. However with the recent dip in form, and Sutil agreeing that team has lost out on the technical expertise of people who have moved over to teams like Sauber and Lotus, the team is struggling with development. In this context is it wise for hime to stay in Force India for another year?



    If Force India make great car next year, it will do not matter. at the early of this year, Force India looked great but they’re loosing momentum hugely. at the early they fought againt Renault but now they have to worry how to deal with Sauber or Toro Rosso. If next year is same or worse, it’s totally time waste for Sutil.

    I think Renault is good option but they want Russian market. maybe Petrove make one more DNF Renault’s patience will run out and Sutil could get a chance. Renault still has enough time for Russian GP 2014. They will be able to choose Mikhail Aleshin or somebody else.



    Destruction Derby


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Before Korea, I’d have said that he had a future with someone like Mercedes. But his very erratic race makes me think otherwise – he’s just scrappy and unrefined under pressure, and I don’t think he’s going to go much further than Force India.



    Last year I would have agreed with the OP but he just seems stagnant now.



    His future is to be found in F1.com’s race reviews through crashing everybody of the circuit. Someone who has almost raced for four seasons in F1 should not crash at every given opportunity. And I never felt that he was that quick either if I’m honest… Apparently he’s a rain specialist, but his rain performances this year cast some shadow of doubt on that…



    Force India and then retirement. I don’t rate Sutil much if I’m honest. He didn’t beat Fisi as often as he should and he is doing a great job against Liuzzi but then it is Liuzzi. He’s shown flashes but nothing else and nothing stellar bar Monaco 08.

    The grid is so competitive now that it just makes his life so much harder. Hulk’s a future talent and maybe Kobayashi then there’s Seb, Mark, Alonso, Massa, Kubica, Hamilton and Button and some of them are apparently squabbling over seats and I feel they’re in a different league to Sutil.



    He has been much more responsible this year and Korea was his first crash. Even in Korea, it has to be remembered that he had mechanical problems and went off the circuit a few times was overtaken but every time he came back and took his position back.

    He needs to be given a seat in a competitive team with a competitive driver. His drives arlier in the year were very good and was fighting with Schumi in the points table. Also one cant forget his exemplary driving to hold off Hamilton behind him for more than half the race.

    We have to see that whenever the car has supported him he has been up there, like P3 last year on the grid for Brazil and Italy. Also if we are talking accidents Hamilton is not strange to them either. I feel that its just that back of grid has more accident and he has had some misfortunes coupled with demanding too much out of a car that had little to give(previous years and Korea) which has given him this reputation.


    Red Andy

    Sutil is one of the promising proven drivers still available on the market.

    Just no.

    Sutil is quick on his day, but his day doesn’t come nearly often enough. And he still makes too many mistakes.

    He’s a whiner too – look at him blaming Liuzzi yesterday for putting him out of qualifying, when the simple fact is he wasn’t quick enough. He had ages after that altercation to set a quick time but he just didn’t do it. Sutil won’t go anywhere, he will either stay at Force India or drop quietly out of F1. If it’s the latter, I doubt he’ll be missed.



    Before Korea, I’d have said that he had a future with someone like Mercedes.

    Agree. He is stuck at FI now for the foreseeable future. He should knuckle down, get some results and impress. Not impossible to do from a lower-mid-team, look at what Kobayashi did to earn himself a drive.



    Also if you wrote a list of the 24 best drivers in the world who should be in F1, Sutil would be on that list. He is just stuck in the wrong team with nowhere to go, and this is mostly because of his results. He can’t expect to get a better drive just because of the buzz surrounding him – which is what I feel is his problem, he is waiting for a top team to come after him rather than driving his heart out to earn it (I thought criticizing the team and his team-mate where an indication of this – an arrogant way of saying that this is all beneath him)


    Dan Thorn

    Nothing much. He’s a journeyman at best – he might side step to a couple of other midfield teams but he wont progress any further up the grid.



    @nik what did Kobayashi do to earn a drive? sending people into barriers, blocking, simply relying on others’ common sense to just get out of the way of a lunging lunatic?



    I don’t rate him particularly highly. He’s not particularly quick, doesn’t have particularly good race-craft and is somewhat prone to crashing. He’s been around long enough now to be doing better than he is at the moment, even at Force India. I don’t think he’ll be here in a few years from now.

    So in answer to the question, “What is Sutil’s future”, I’m afraid I don’t think he’s got much of one, not in F1 at least.

    Plus, he’s an arrogant so-and-so. I know this doesn’t matter all that much- I mean, Alonso’s doing fine and he’s King T**t :)



    Can’t make my mind up on Sutil yet… :s

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