What races would you put on the 2014 calendar?

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    Now that the 2013 calendar is final, we can start speculating about 2014.

    Imagine you’re in charge of FOM and you possess the power to make contracts appear and disappear. Your job is to reach as many people and generate as much revenue as possible with the sport, which means compromising between traditional circuits in traditional markets and new circuits in new markets. You also have to keep teams and drivers happy, so brutal schedules and overly dangerous circuits are out of the question. What would you do?

    Here’s what I would do: https://maps.google.be/maps/ms?msid=212486907785289977307.0004cb42f3b22460ed8e2&msa=0&ll=15.284185,19.6875&spn=117.249716,270.527344

    1) Brazil – Interlagos – March 16th: Classic track and it now gets the season opener, because I have a better idea for the finale.

    2) Argentina – Potrero de los Funes – March 23rd: A stunning circuit, despite some (e.g. @prisoner-monkeys) arguing it would be boring. Well, I say they can’t all be overtaking fests; didn’t seem to hurt Singapore’s reputation and this one has it all to become another classic. Both the track and the city of San Luis would require serious updating and I know Argentina isn’t all that well-off at the moment, but the name recognition of an F1 race and the updated facilities could spark economic growth in the region (similar to the plan in Greece, only this has a much higher chance of actually working out). As for the remoteness: it’s within a day’s drive from both Buenos Aires and Santiago, two huge cities, it’ll be fine.

    3) Arabia – Dubai Autodrome – April 6th: No international sport can afford to neglect this region and you have to say those Arabs (and all the expats) do like motorsport. Imo, Bahrain is the best track in the area (which isn’t saying much), but with the political instability and the fact that the country is really small, I think it’s better to look in one of the Emirates. The circuits in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai seem awful, but so far only Abu Dhabi has proven that it is, so I give the other one a chance. Alternation between the two seems the best solution.

    4) Spain – Alcaniz – April 20th: Of all Spanish tracks, I like this one the most.

    -) Mid-Season Test – Imola – April 29th to May 1st: Classic track that makes a modest comeback in it’s traditional slot before Monaco.

    5) Monaco – Monte Carlo – May 11th: Utter classic, F1 needs this one.

    6) Mexico – Hermanos Rodriguez – May 25th: Even without Perez, this would be a guaranteed success. It’s a shame the Peraltada is too dangerous, but even when they pass through the baseball stadium, it’s a wickedly fast last corner.

    7) Canada – Montreal – June 8th: Classic. No comment needed.

    8) United States – Port Imperial – June 16th: We have yet to see how both this one and Austin pan out, but they both seem quite spectacular. Alas, there’s no room for 2 US races, so we’ll have to do with alternating between the two.

    9) Great Britain – Silverstone – June 29th: Where else?

    10) France – Reims-Gueux – July 13th: The more I look at it, the more I love it, just look at that westernmost corner! This was one of the inaugural F1 tracks and another ultra-low downforce track would be great! It needs work, obviously, but there’s nothing substantial in the way of doing so (apart from financial support :( ).

    11) Germany – Nurburgring – July 27th: Sachsenring would be cooler, but I’m afraid it’s a tad too short, so, unless they rebuild the forest section at Hockenheim, F1 in Germany stays in it’s original home (if they can manage their troubles).

    12) Hungary – Hungaroring – August 24th: Granted, it’s not a very exciting race, but it’s a friendly Grand Prix with great atmosphere. It would sadden me to see it go.

    13) Belgium – Spa-Francorchamps – August 31st: Now that it has financial backing, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be here.

    14) Italy – Monza – September 14th: Well, duuuuuh.

    15) Russia – Sochi – September 28th: Russia has been F1’s final frontier and now it has found a home. There’s a high chance that the race will be lame, but it can’t be worse than Moscow Raceway. Russia should build a new track, a good one! But until then, Sochi it is.

    16) India – Buddh – October 5th: One billion people…

    17) Singapore – Marina Bay – October 19th: Modern-day classic. I was thinking to maybe alternate with Kuala Lumpur, but the latter simply doesn’t have the marquee feel of Singapore, so I’d just scratch it, sorry.

    18) China – Shanghai – November 2nd: Awful, awful track, but somehow it has delivered some interesting races in the last few years. Also, one billion people.

    19) Japan – Suzuka – November 9th: Must-have. Together with the next race, this promises to be a classic season finale.

    20) Australia – Adelaide – November 23rd: Melbourne isn’t that bad, but it never lived up to the reputation that Adelaide had built up in it’s short, but eventful history. This race had panache and it feels like F1’s true home in Australia, so I’m bringing it back!

    Other possibilities:

    Netherlands: Zandvoort is not what it used to be, but the best part of the old circuit has remained intact, so it is still marvelous, especially by today’s standards. Unfortunately, it would make the calendar too Euro-centric for the modern world.

    Finland or Sweden: With all the Finns in F1, it’s about time they had a GP. Not too fond of the idea of a street circuit in Helsinki, but a road circuit, such as this, would be amazing. Sweden has a bigger population and would also be a half-Finnish GP. Unfortunately, again, too Euro-centric.

    Austria: A home Grand Prix for Red Bull. Wouldn’t be too hard to find financial backing and it’s a pretty sweet little track. Of course, it has the same problem as the previous two…

    Turkey: Has enough money, people and a good track, all it needs is better organization and promotion.

    Africa: Looking at the FIFA World Cup, I think South Africa could do it, but they need a new track, because Kyalami doesn’t suffice. Cairo or Casablanca, or maybe even Luanda would also be good choices, but they’re not ready.

    Venezuela: Needs a new track, but it could work.

    Thailand: Hmm, I don’t think there’s much possibility of a decent track in the streets of Bangkok and most of the country is really poor.

    The ones that are gone:

    Malaysia: It drew a decent crowd and delivered decent races, but that’s just it: decent.

    Bahrain: No need for two races in Arabia and with the political mess and the failure of ever drawing a big crowd or deliver a good race, I’d say good riddance.

    Korea: I think Korea has huge potential, but the choice of laying down a circuit in the middle of nowhere in the hope that people would want to go live near a race track was a poor one to say the least.


    James Brickles

    It’s by no means a realistic 2014 calendar as such but I like sharing my fantasy season ;)

    1. Brazilian GP – Interlagos – 71 laps
    2. Oceanic GP – Bathurst – 50 laps – Daniel Riccardo has rocketed the interest in Australia and now F1 has two races in Australia. Jenson Button’s driven on this track, why can’t everybody else?
    3. European GP – Oulton Park – 71 laps – Such an underrated circuit. Fast, flowing and undulating. I doubt it would be good for overtaking though but god I love the circuit.
    4. San Marino GP – Imola – 62 laps – Makes a return, the Variante Alta chicane is restored to it’s original curb hopping format and Rivazza to Tamburello is flat out
    5. Monaco GP – Monaco – 78 laps
    6. Mexican GP – Hermanos Rodriguez – 69 laps – A devilishly tricky circuit that deserves a return. If you’re allowed to race at Monaco, leave Peraltada alone.
    7. United States North GP – Road America – 47 laps – F1 does need to crack the American market but it doesn’t need to spend so much building one from scratch. Modernise the grandstands and paddock but leave this track as it is and you’d have an amazing race for less money spent upgrading.
    8. Canadian GP – Montreal – 69 laps
    9. French GP – Magny Cours – 70 laps – Magny-Cours does make a return, but at my request, I’ve removed that god-awful last chicane.
    10. British GP – Brands Hatch – 75 laps – Two races in Britain. Silverstone is a fine circuit but for some reason I just prefer this one.
    11. Austrian GP – Red Bull Ring – 71 laps – Red Bull have taken over a stake of Formula One and have brought the Austrian GP back, it was an unusual track but it worked.
    12. German GP – Hockenheim – 45 laps – Much to the annoyance of Martin Brundle but to the joy of everyone else, I’ve brought the old circuit back.
    13. Hungarian GP – Hungaroring – 70 laps
    14. Belgian GP – Spa-Francorchamps – 44 laps
    15. Italian GP – Monza – 53 laps
    16. Portuguese GP – Algarve – 66 laps – A modern circuit that’s amazing, a combination surprisingly tricky to come across nowadays. Comes at the loss of the Spanish GP but Portugal is just a stone’s throw away.
    17. United States West GP – Laguna Seca – 85 laps – Again, the American market has to be cracked, and again not at the expense of building another circuit just for F1, Laguna Seca is amazing!
    18. Japanese GP – Suzuka – 53 laps
    19. Australian GP – Adelaide – 81 laps – Just something nostalgic about having the last race at Adelaide.



    A completely fantasy calendar. It’s shorter than now because I think 16-18 rounds is what F1 needs.
    1. Brazilian GP (Interlagos) – Classic season opener
    2. Austrian GP (RB Ring) – I loved this track!
    3. San Marino GP (Old Imola) – Another of my favourite tracks but I would like to see the pre-1994 version.
    4. Spanish GP (Jerez) – Nice circuit
    5. US North GP (Laguna Seca) – Just imagine F1 cars at Corkscrew!
    6. French GP (Magny Cours) – One of my favourite tracks until now!
    7. European GP (Brands Hatch) – One classic will be back
    8. British GP (Silverstone) – A big piece of history of motosport was made there.
    9. Monaco GP (Monte Carlo) – The name of Monaco takes the place in the calendar alone.
    10. German GP (Nordschleife) – What more than Nordschleife do you want me to say?
    11. Portuguese GP (Estoril) – If it gets its economics better, it can surely take place.
    12. Italian GP (Monza) – It would be better without chicanes
    13. Belgian GP (Spa-Francochamps) – Another classic
    14. US South GP (Watkins Glen) – If it was wider it would be absolutely fantastic!
    15. Japanese GP (Suzuka) – How coud this miss from the calendar?
    16. Pacific GP (Bathurst) – A fantastic circuit for racing.
    17. Australian GP (Adelaide) – The classic season finale.



    @brickles @sigman1998 Bathurst and Laguna Seca are nice, but they’re just not suitable for an F1 race. They would need a lot of modification, which would suck the soul out of them, so I think it’s best that F1 only does demonstration runs on those circuits.



    Some of the choices are never going to happen, but I can dream…

    1. Australia (Melbourne)
    2. San Marino (Imola)
    3. USA (Watkins Glen)
    4. Monaco
    5. Canada (Circuit GV)
    6. Québec (Mont Tremblant)
    7. France (Paul Ricard, old configuration)
    8. Austria (Red Bull Ring, my favourite Tilkedrome)
    9. Germany (Nordschleife)
    10. Britain (Silverstone)
    11. Bulgaria (cool concept with heated track surface)
    12. Belgium (Spa)
    13. Italy (Monza)
    14. Long Beach
    15. Europe (Magny-Cours)
    16. Turkey (Istanbul Park)
    17. Ontario (let’s make it three in Canada with Mosport)
    18. Adelaide
    19. Brazil (Interlagos)
    20. Japan (Suzuka)


    James Brickles

    @necrodethmortem – Not to mention the danger if F1 went to Oulton Park. Old Hall and the Shell hairpin would be classed as dangerous. I think Laguna Seca has been recently widened a lot to accommodate for MotoGP, so facilities aside, not a problem for F1 ;)



    Laguna Seca is not only very narrow, it’s also very short and the Corkscrew is too steep to comply with the regs. It’s just not worth it imo, America has so many other great tracks that could host the US GP without the need for radical modifications.



    1) Brazil (Interlagos) – 16 March
    2) USA South (Austin) – 23 March
    3) Spain (Jerez) – 6 April
    4) Monaco (Montecarlo) – 13 April
    5) San Marino (Imola) – 27 April
    6) Austria (RB Ring) – 4 May
    7) Great Britain (Silverstone) – 18 May
    8) Canada (Montreal) – 1 June
    9) USA North (Watkins Glen) – 8 June
    10) Mexico (Mexico City) – 22 June
    11) France (Magny Cours) – 6 July
    12) Germany (Nurburgring) – 20 July
    13) Hungary (Hungaroring) – 27 July
    14) Italy (Monza) – 24 August
    15) Europe (Paul Ricard) – 31 August
    16) Belgium (Spa) – 14 September
    17) India (Buddh) – 28 September
    18) Singapore (Marina Bay) – 12 October
    19) Australia (Adelaide) – 26 October
    20) Japan (Suzuka) – 9 November


    Adam Blocker

    Trying to be a bit realistic, while still being a bit fantasy:
    1. San Marino – Imola – A classic opener
    2. Abu Dhabi – Yas Marina – Need a Middle-Eastern track, and this is the best one.
    3. Malaysia – Sepang – Good circuit, deserves a spot.
    4. Australia – Bathurst – May have to be upgraded, but it would make Albert Park look like a nascar oval.
    5. China- Shanghai – Exciting races, and one billion people.
    6. Greece – (New Track that is in works) – Great country, with history, and a good track (on paper) need some $$, though.
    7. Monaco – Monte-Carlo – No comment needed.
    8. Canada – Montreal – A simple, but punishing, exciting track.
    9. America – New Jersey – Looks like a good circuit
    10. Great Britain – Silverstone – Must have.
    11. Germany – Nurburgring – It’s just better than the Hockenheimring, it’s the traditional home of German motorsport.
    12. Belgium – Spa-Franchorchamps – Best GP in the world
    13. Italy – Monza – Home of Ferrari
    14. Singapore – Reconfigured Marina Bay – A great spectacle.
    15. Japan – Suzuka – Second best circuit in the world
    16. India – New Delhi – One billion people, and a good circuit.
    17. Mexico – Mexico City (AHR) – Dangerous, with passionate fans of Checo.
    18. United States – Austin – A proper US circuit, that is needed to capture the interest of the US.
    19. Brazil – Interlagos – Classic F1 venue
    20. Hong Kong – (New Street Circuit) – Exciting venue for finale, with narrow, winding streets, and plenty of elevation changes.

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