What shall we do with a drunken sailor (while waiting for the Grand Prix)?

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    According to Martin Whitmarsh (here: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/93494) the Sky-BBC deal will see the BBC broadcast all twenty races next year, but ten of them will be on a delayed telecast. Assuming this is true, the purpose of this thread is to come up with ideas for what British fans can do to pass the time whilst waiting for the race without running into anyone or anything that might spoil the result. As someone who regularly has to do this, I believe I can help you out.

    The first thing I will do to avoid spoilers is to catch up on any work I might need to do. For me, this is mostly universtiy papers, but can be applied to any workplace. As a student teacher and because I live in a university town, local high schools often get final-year teaching students (with the appropriate accreditation) to mark papers for them.

    Secondly, you can always read a good book. I started Jeffrey Deaver’s The Sleeping Doll a few days ago. I started reading at about 8pm; when I looked up, it was 1:30am. Alternatively, watch a movie or a television series – to kill time over the mid-year break, I’ve been binge-watching 30 Rock, which I also recommend.

    Thirdly, play a video game. If you’re waiting for the Hungarian Grand Prix, fire up F1 2010/11 and race at the Hungaroring.

    Any other ideas?



    Last year I missed the start of the Chinese Grand Prix and decided that instead of watching from lap 5, I’d turn the TV off and watch the whole race delayed later that evening. I can’t offer any advice, because I basically spent the evening pacing around the lounge room!


    Nic Morley

    This bad for Australian viewers. This just means that more often then not we will haves race where we have to stay up to 1am in the moring to watch…



    Theres still one problem in my mind with being able to watch a full re-run and thats, will they still have all/ most of the current crew doing there interviewing and chatting about interesting F1 topics in the pit lane.

    Or will it be a bland format of just track side commentating, probably from a couple of unknown and probably annoying voices.

    The least they could do Is set up a small studio where certain current presenters can discuss things at the end of the re-run.

    To be honest this is just a nightmare for me, the other fans and the bbc crew themselves and I’ll be damned if I’m paying 31.20 + 22.00 for sky sports 1 and 2.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    This just means that more often then not we will haves race where we have to stay up to 1am in the moring to watch…

    No, it doesn’t. Syndicated networks are free to broadcast the event whenever they like, not whenever the BBC wants them to.



    I usually sit with my fingers in my ears going LALALALALALALALALA



    If you find yourself making engine noises while you pace around the room, you definitely need to get out more.

    Otherwise spend the time with family and friends who either have no interest at all in F1, or who are all waiting for the re-run like you…



    Watch the race live on a live stream and talk about it on f1fanatic live and twitter, then pay no attention to the BBC highlights.

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