What Sky really need to do

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    Hi all

    I’ve just been having a few thoughts on what sky really need to do with their F1 channel next year (also theres been no news about people on other providers getting the races such as virgin and BT Vision – I digress) Currently if anyone has seen their Indy Car coverage its beyond appalling and is actually unwatchable to be honest. Furthermore the GP2 rights are up for grabs too as the Eurosport deal that they bought off setanta only ran until the end of this season.

    If they gave proper coverage of Indy car (without rediculous amounts of interuptions) and also ran GP2/3 would people be more tempted to depart with their cash? At the moment there is very little decent motorsport of sky sports, its all on eurosport with patchy coverage.




    No, I can see those things free on streaming websites, and I never plan on giving any of my money to BSkyB for whatever reason.


    Keith Collantine

    their Indy Car coverage its beyond appalling and is actually unwatchable to be honest

    I strongly disagree. I don’t have any problem with them using the US commentators and we get fewer ad breaks than they do. I like Keith Heuwen and I think the whole team did an extremely professional job covering the horrible events of Las Vegas.

    (I would describe their DTM coverage as unwatchable. Quite literally: I gave up halfway through their delayed coverage of the Red Bull Ring race last year the commentary was so bad.)

    As for GP3, it’s going to be on Eurosport (along with Porsche Supercup):


    No word on GP2 yet, hopefully it won’t end up on some backwater subscription channel. Though whoever takes it can’t possibly do a worse job than Eurosport did last year. Can they?



    I initially was amongst those moaning about the deal, but now i’ve cooled down. Sky due to having far more resources than Beeb will udoubtedly do our sport proud and deliver a mangificent service. I will not however be paying for Sky F1 HD, as i have discovered a few live streaming sites with brilliant quality that stream all sky sports channels (including HD), i will be watching Sky F1 HD online for free!!
    I contacted the owners of the sites, and they confirmed Sky F1 HD from whenever its launced (13th March i think) will be avilable for free and brilliant quality online.



    I have no problems with them using US commentators but we do get as many breaks as the US, its when it cuts back to the studio and we basically get a shot of some other people watching the race thats another ad break in the US.

    Why can they not get a proper feed? It happens for pretty much every other sport. The presenting team do a good job but I gave up watching Indy Car this year due to the poor coverage of the actual racing, although I am tempted by the new road course heavy calendar)

    And agreed that the GP2 ahem “coverage” was poor.



    we get fewer ad breaks than they do

    If that’s true, I envy you lucky bums :C



    @mclaren – I am in a similar position to you, I shall watch it online via other links. However, if Sky offered an online-only subscription, I would be happy to pay. I’m going to be watching it from South Korea, so can’t subscribe to a full Sky package, and would be more than happy to pay for a high quality online stream.

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