What the bleedin hell is Flav doing on Top Gear.

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    Yes, a fat grunting man disdaining James May in a car, HILARIOUS.

    Unless of course that particular lump is Flavio Briatore, what on earth does the BBC think it’s doing? Briatore perpatrated one of the worst acts of cheating in sporting history. His name should be blacklisted forever.

    How is he sliming back in? An what the hell is aunty playing at? I don’t know how to officially complain but I think this time I just might.


    I agree completely.

    Any respect I could ever have for Flavio disappeared after the crash scandal. The man doesn’t deserve a single shred of admiration or appreciation from the F1 world and he definitely shouldn’t be allowed on the grid as a VIP like he still is.

    It’s disgusting. It disgraces the memory of all of those people who have died as a result of accidents in Formula 1 and motor sport in general. If I ever had the displeasure of meeting him myself, I’d call him some horrible names behind his back and then run away.



    Sorry, but what exactly did Flavio Briatore do? I haven’t followed F1 much in recent years.



    Doance at Singapore in 2008 Piquet deliberately crashed to bring out the safety car to benefit Alonso’s strategy. Briatore -who was then Renault’s team principle- and Symonds were the ones who went along with it (and possibly came up with it).



    Yeah i was also staggered by it. He isn’t funny at all, no one likes him (well 99% who know who he is, can’t possibly like him), he isn’t really a good image for F1 after what he has done, is he? Also Brundle seems to talk to him a lot on the grid walk. I just don’t get it. He shouldn’t get any television time after what he has done to the sport.

    Couldn’t they really find anyone more suitable? Martin Whitmarsh? Rob Smedley? DC? Eddie Jordan in his funny shirts? Him and James may. That could be pretty hilarious. Why Flavio.. seriously.


    Ned Flanders

    I have no respect for Top Gear these days, but if I did my respect for them would have gone down…

    Given that the feature was filmed back in May, when the Bahrain issue was burning away, I was sickened to see them featuring Bernie Ecclestone too. He’s just as scheming and ruthless as Briatore, but he’s in a position of power so no one objects to him.



    He is Bernies mate, and it was probably part of the deal with the Ecclemeister to get him some decent media coverage.

    The worst thing about it is that Bernie is apparently grooming him to go for some top position at Ferrari in the future. Oh please no…..:(



    Top Gear is just another TV show meaning it’s a media product. Media products mean that you need ties to get some information and access to certain exclusivities.

    The three boys were able to race the Monaco GP track (thus necessarily during the GP week as the track is non-existent as such outside this exclusive event) just like that, by asking politely and showing their passports along with a healthy grin?

    Think again. This is an arrangement. They could drive the cars for the feature only if they had “a lesson in racing” given to them. Bernie’s conditions for some press coverage, as usual. And you can bet Bernie is the one who appointed Flavio. Christian Horner was the freebie of this Happy Meal, tossed in just like that (and since we know he can never refuse the Beeb some silk-like PR talk, I’m not surprised he said ‘yes’).

    Top Gear wanted a nice track feature and negociated it. Voil, end of the story. It came as a package including Da Bernster and Flubby Flavio.


    sbl on tour

    come on stop slagging flav, he is no different to the other schemers we,ve had over the years ,mind you, think he needs to do a workout, so he didnt come across too well



    I would say, sbl on tour, that Flavio at least was brave enough to assume the cheating when he was caught and leave the sport voluntarily (along with Symmonds). I remember another cheating scandal just one year before, where Mr. Ron Dennis continuously denied any wrongdoing from his team, even after Mr. Alonso screw him over. Before the posts of wrathful indignation for comparing two very different cheating scandals, let me just point out a couple of things:

    . I would say the crashgate wouldn’t have happened if Piquet wasn’t willing to do what he did. He’s the one that crashed on purpose, so the disgrace of the “memory of all of those people who have died as a result of accidents in Formula 1 and motor sport in general” lays more on Piquet’s shoulders than anybody else’s.

    . They were both cheating scandals: one gave to a car an advantage during a particular race, the other gave two cars an advantage (and advantage should be read as “something they had because of the cheating, so they shouldn’t have had it) during a whole season.

    Forgiving is a remarkable human quality: Who in here has never cheated on anything in his/her life? (an exam, a partner, a football game, by receiving more change than was supposed to when buying something and staying quiet)?



    I’m sorry, I agree that Flavio did a lot of bad for the sport, but I remember people saying, when Coughlan announced he was returning to F1 with Williams, that he had done his time. Briatore’s ban from F1 hasn’t yet fallen, but he has no role in any F1 team. Why criticise him further?



    Why criticise him further?

    ZOMG, he’s Satan!



    ZOMG, he’s Satan!

    Okay that’s fine then!



    http://tinyurl.com/695524z : Satan stuffing them innocent young lady souls away… (that’s what Satan does, right?)


    sbl on tour

    dont know how you got away with the title of the post, think it should have been worded diffently, its like something cav would say

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