What to do with spare F1 items?

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    I was sorting through some of my F1 belongings this morning and I started wondering what I should do with the spare DVDs etc I don’t need. Selling them on Ebay seems pointless and most of my friends aren’t into motor racing so I wondered if it would be possible to donate items to the site to be used in competitions? Or if Keith doesn’t want to do that where it would be ok to do something similar on the forum?


    Give them to me.

    Baggsies. Turn around and touch the ground. Shotgun. With no returns.



    Overruled. I win

    More importantly why would you ever throw F1 stuff away!


    Ned Flanders

    Perhaps you could eat them?



    I started wondering what I should do with the spare DVDs

    Spare DVDs? Does that mean you have 10 copies of each one? :P

    Let me use sw6569’s word’s:

    More importantly why would you ever throw F1 stuff away!



    I often think I’ve lost DVDs and order new ones just to find my originals a couple of weeks later. I’d feel much better about giving my spare F1 stuff away to fanatics than going on Ebay or whatever just to get a couple of pounds.



    Why not run your own competition Steph, on the forum here.


    Ned Flanders

    To save postage costs, why not just give them all to the Fanatic who lives closest to you? Or, that person could also be so kind to come and collect them, saving you the inconvenience of postage altogether.


    Dan Thorn

    Or you could leave them with a wine drinking, Alfa driving, Ferrari loving Alonso fan who happens to agree with you on a variety of subjects and would be happy to cover postage costs.

    In all seriousness I like the competition idea – 500 words on why you deserve such treasures or something like that.




    No, the competition is a great idea. You think of it, we enter it, and you decide the winner(s)



    I like the idea of donating them as an F1F prize… perhaps you could set/judge the competition? However I’m sure you’d get plenty of takers if you were to sell them to someone on F1F for a reasonable price which suits all parties [hint-hint!].

    Or failing that you could do as Ned suggests…



    Donate some to me as many knows that F1 is no where popular in Bangladesh so I think it will be very helpful for me.


    Actually, yeah. Give them to Wasif.



    I agree, give them to Wasi :)

    (Forgot to log Tom out, this is Katy, but I’m sure he agrees with what I said anyway)



    Sounds like a good idea Steph, give them to WasiF1! Help spread the word of F1 and Ferrari in Bangladesh :-D

    Alternatively, why not do a small competition (maybe agree with Keith on something?) for things like unlikely prediction that came true, or focussed on the actual DVD your giving away.

    By the way, amazing you actually buy new ones when you can’t find them, can’t miss them a minute, a righteous F1Fanatic.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 77 total)

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