What to do with spare F1 items?

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    As much as I’d love to give them to Wasi I thought a competition would just be a fair way to do it if that makes sense? I know that may sound hard and I’ll set something aside for Wasi if it’s the consensus of everyone it’s just that there are new members every day who may not be as well known on here yet and I don’t want to prioritise my the fanatics I have a soft spot for as it wouldn’t be right.

    Also, as I have a few DVDs I have no idea abotu regions so if anyone could tell me where they’ll play that would be helpful.

    The things I’m giving away are:

    The 06 F1 review ‘Once Again’ DVD which says region code 2 whatever the heck that means. I’ve got a teeny tiny Ferrari model from 91 I’ll chuck in too.

    Le Mans DVD with Steve McQueen. That just has symbols of which DVDs it’ll play on so I’ll keep that to the UK.

    The History of Alfa Romeo-The Definitive Story DVD Region 0.

    The Top 100 F1 Drivers of all time book by Alan Henry

    Rapid Response by Dr Stephen Olvey.

    If those are the sorts of prizes you’d be interested in just say and I’ll start up the competitions tomorrow. If you have any other suggestions on what you think I should do with them then I’d be happy to hear them :)



    Steph, Region 2 is the area which the DVD will play in,

    Region 2 is The UK, Europe (except Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus), Middle East, Egypt, Japan, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Greenland, French Overseas departments and territories. Unless ofcourse someone who lives outside that has a Region free DVD player (and most are these days)


    Stephen Jones

    i think i have a fair idea as to who want’s the Alfa vid!



    I already have the review DVD, some things you’re offering I’m not too interested in (Le Mans for example) and I’ve read the Henry book but didn’t particulary like it. Therefore I won’t compete for the prizes (I’ll compete though, for pride if nothing else!). And I think it shouldn’t be just a random competition, you should give those things to someone who really wants it and deserves it, that’s the way I think would be the fairest. If I got the Alfa Romeo DVD or the Ferrari model I wouldn’t appreciate it as much as some would.



    Yes, a competition would definitely be best. My interests are the 06′ review DVD and the 100 drivers book.

    But a compeition would be great!



    Steph, I have heaps of pointless F1 stuff that I’ll probably never watch again (including every race of the 2009 season burned onto DVDs), but I’d never consider selling any of it or giving it away!

    What’s the reasoning behind this, if you don’t mind me asking?



    @enigma I’ll let people know what prize they’ll get for the competition each day so they can choose which to enter. I just feel if I left it to people to ask for what they want it would turn into me just picking users I have a soft spot for which wouldn’t be right and be less fun.

    Damon I just don’t have a use for them or don’t feel I’d miss them and I’d rather they went to a good home :P That’s pretty much it and maybe a bit of fun will help bring that community feeling back ;) jk :)



    I say sell them so you can visit the F1 loving rat?



    I’ll just do em all worldwide so anyone can get involved.

    The first prizes are the late 91 tiny Ferrari model and the 06 review DVD. To win them both make a limerick about the 06 season.



    Cool idea. And you are not giving this away for free! A limerick, I will have to get some training in for that :-)



    I actually am in the market for a 2006 DVD, but I don’t think Region 2 will work for me here, unfortunately.

    Here’s a quick limerick anyway:

    The ’06 season was quite grand;

    Four-in-a-row Alonso did win,

    And the title race looked in the bin.

    Then the mass damper was banned,

    And Schumacher made a final stand.



    There once was a man called Enis…wait

    There once was the man Fernando

    Who was good at making his car go

    His opponents, only one was faster

    But he held off the grand master

    And again was the champion. Alonso!



    There once was the man Fernando

    Who was good at making his car go

    His opponents, only one was faster

    But he held off the grand master

    And again was the champion. Alonso!




    Alonso wanted a second,

    While Schuey’s retirement beckoned,

    They fought out to the end,

    While Button’s career was on the mend.

    Massa looked a strong number two,

    but always remember Felipe, fernando is faster than you!



    In 2006 the Spaniard was ablaze,

    As the world watched amazed.

    The Red Baron could only put up a fight,

    When the FIA took Renault’s might.

    But in spite of his last spetacular drive,

    It was Alonso who clinched the big prize!

    I’m totally rubbish with this rime stuff. While I think it was a good-ish effort for my standards, I’ve no hopes of winning, given what Daykind just wrote.

    Last but not least, that was a really beautiful idea Steph! I hope I can win something. What I wanted the most is the tiny Ferrari model, but even if I had hopes of winning, I wouldn’t make you go through the effort of shipping it to me!

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