What would Clive James have to say about 2011?

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    Not saving tyres

    Being sensitive to claims from the media that their beloved sport and livelihood had become a joke as everyone tried to save tyres in qualifying, the drivers responded by breaking the record for most pit-stops, just to annoy them even further

    Schumacher, the poor historian

    Up and down the paddock, people were bewildered as to why Schumacher acted so aggressively during his battle with Petrov. Didn’t he know, they said, that whenever Germany goes against Russia the result – destruction of vital components and ultimate defeat – was inevitable?

    Vettel’s speed explained by new theory

    As his pace continues to baffle his competitors, it may be that Sebastian is so vain he tries to finish the race as soon as possible, as he gets helmet hair and wants to fix himself up quickly. This may also explain the shampoo commercials



    A continuation from this thread: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/forum/topic.php?id=592

    Englishman tries to win Australian hearts

    Upon his return to Australia, Hamilton decided to get back into the country’s good books after his “hooning” the previous year by performing some community service, using his car’s undertray to plough Albert Park’s soil

    Help the Aged

    Annoyed by critics suggesting he’s past it, Schumacher’s reputation as a slow old man was done no favours by youngsters Hamilton and Buemi safely escorting the old fella around the final corner in Malaysia

    Webber’s got his number

    Following his post-race remarks after last year’s Silverstone race, Mark Webber showed he was indeed the best #2 driver in the Chinese Grand Prix by climbing 15 places in the race and still finishing behind his team-mate, even when the latter had also lost one place



    While the Saubers proved they are easy on their tires, they unfortunately wound up being quite hard on their drivers: making them do all that work for points finishes only to have them taken away.

    Jaime Alguersuari thought that life had gotten easier now that the Toro Rosso’s were competitive. So easy, in fact, that he decided to try to finished the race with only 3 wheels.



    I could actually imagine his voice saying these as I read them! LOL

    Great thread!


    Ned Flanders


    Oh no. Report seems hopeful though.



    I recently found this video “The Clive James F1 show”

    The opening commentary about Formula 1 is brilliant – http://youtu.be/cxdHURt6s1o

    Skip to 11:40 for his question to Ukyo Katayama. Brilliant!

    Also great to see all the drivers chatting together and laughing together.



    Great video Tom, cheers.



    In the video, Sospiri says Lola had a four year project… how wrong was he…

    And there is a first sign of “for sure”, by Jos Verstappen!


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Why did we let this thread die?

    On Lewis Hamilton’s slump in form

    In Singapore, the old Lewis was back, chasing what he thought was that red mist that he saw earlier in the season. Unfortunately, it was just Felipe Massa.

    On Daniel Ricciardo’s debut

    Some questions were raised over how to say his name, but according to Daniel, nobody in Australia bothers to pronouonce the ‘i’. And so t was that he began hs frst Grand Prx wth Hspana n Slverstone, qualfyng behnd Vtantono Luzz and fnshing the race n a fne nneteenth.



    Beats me, these were a blast :). Keep ’em comin’ folks.

    Massa’s corner cutting at Abu Dhabi

    Tired of going wheel to wheel and coming out for the worse, Massa decided to expand the track by a dozen meters.

    Maldonado vs Hamilton at Spa

    At the end of Q2, Hamilton said excuse me to Maldonado and came through at the final corner, but he didn’t seem to say it loud enough that Maldonado heard. The Venezuelan quickly caught up to the Brit and showed him how they demand an apology in his country. The stewards enjoyed the cultural display and rewarded him with a five place grid penalty.

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