What would you change about the look of current F1 cars?

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    Generally speaking what would you change bodywork wise to make modern F1 cars look better?

    I would:

    Have no front wing.

    Lower the nose, and get rid of the gap underneath the drivers legs (where Mclaren have a snowplough device) – ie 1990s spec nose section (RED)

    Keep current spec cockpit + cockpit protection (ORANGE)

    The part above the sidepods, make it flat like a table, and have it go right to the rear of the car instead of curving off as they do today (GREEN) and attatch, using to mounted pillars, a 2 plane front wing wide wide rear wing (YELLOW).

    Add venturi ground effect downforce tunnels down the side of the car (BLUE)


    I’ll post this outline sketch of a current generation F1 car, it is a Redbull RB6 and was drawn by ‘Scarbs’ – feel free to photoshop or Paint edit this image to illustrate your point:


    Now it’s your turn, descriptions or photoshops welcome! :D



    Are the cars still ‘thinner’ like when they changed in 1998 or are they back to more the 1994-1997 sort of width? In any case the more they get to the width of the 1994-1997 cars the better. Also make the rear wheels noticeably larger than the fronts.



    i want to see a current f1 car with a 08′ style wing with the lower nose, maybe a 08′ stle rear wing but the body stle the same as what we have now


    Dan Thorn

    Nothing. I love the way they look at the moment! As long as those L-sidepods don’t become de riguer then it’s all good.


    Completely agree with Harvs.



    Completely agree with Harvs as well.



    Basically take the FW15C. And that’s it.


    Ned Flanders

    The wings on the current cars just look stupid. Neither of them are especially ugly on their own, but together they make the car look so unbalanced.

    However, I always thought McLaren’ hybrid 2008- 2009 test car they occasionally used in early 2009 looked pretty cool- it had the snow plough front wing, but it also kept the wide rear wing:




    I’d take off the front wings and make the rear wings more like they were in the late 80s with fewer elements, lower the nose and allow side skirts that were almost as wide as the outer edge of the tires.

    I’d also be tempted to remove the engine covers behind the roll bar so that you could see the engine working just as you could in the old days.



    I’d make the rear wings short and wider and that’s it.



    Id remove all wings from the cars and state ground effects are legal through venturi tunnels and see what the designers come up with. Brownie points to those that make them look like a mid-60’s F1 car too.

    And they have to have big, wide & fat rear tyres. More then they are now, think of how they looked on the cars in the mid 70’s onwards. The fronts are to be bigger then they are now to increase mechanical grip to the fronts.

    And i’d legalise Chapman’s duel-chassis too see if it worked as Chapman had intended

    And more brownie points to teams who paint on Sharks teeth, Snake faces or hornets onto their car noses.



    Agree with Ned and Steph. I really love the look of the current generation of F1 cars. A wider ad lower rear wing would beef up the cars a bit without losing the elegance of the current gen bodypanels.

    I’d also add neon/LED tubes to the tire rims that glow blue when using KERS. Informative and stunning. :D



    Count me in with Dan Thorn, Ned, Steph and BS. I love the look of the current cars although the wings just look like an out of fashion addendum stuck onto the back of the car (they need a little work, nothing much though). Otherwise, I adore everything about them. Including the higher nose, hah, there you go, I said it.



    Nothing. I think the current F1 cars are the best looking F1 cars ever.



    Current cars seem disprorportionate, with those high noses and tiny rear wings. I’m getting used to this style (when i first saw the 2009-specs cars i thought they were awful), but i’d restore the look of the mid-to-end of 90s. Maybe it’s because i started watching F1 around those years, but those cars were estethically almost perfect. Just look at MP4-14 or at Ferrari F300…

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