What would your F1 Team be like?

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    Lucas Wilson

    Hi all,

    i’m a newby here on F1Fanatic, but I just wanted to make a little discussion (i’m pretty sure this would have been brought up before).

    If you descided to enter 2013 as new team with yourself as the boss, what would your F1 team be like? What would your team name be? What drivers (that are not currently under contract by any other f1 team) from F1, GP2 etc would you pick? Where would you be based?, you get the idea :-)



    Great idea for a discussion :-)

    I would call it Mathershaw Technology
    I would use Mercedes engines and I would try to get Tom Kristensen and Gary Paffett to drive.
    The team would be based in Liverpool, and we would use the colour scheme of Liverpool FC.



    I would buy or at least try to buy the majority of shares of Ferrari! XD


    Lucas Wilson

    I have not actually thought about drivers ’till now.

    As a name I would go for the classic Lucas Grand Prix. I would definatley be based in the UK, maybe Leicester. I think my team colour would be purple, as i’ve never seen a fully purple F1 car. Mercedes engines are definatley the way to go.



    Graham racing for team name.
    British racing green with white as secondary colours.
    Mercedes engine power.
    As I’d be a new team I would choose drivers with F1 experience to help with the development and getting off the ground so maybe Kovalinen and Mr.Sutil.
    UK based. Maybe in the south east of england.



    @CarnivorousPope so why not choose the British Cosworth engine to go with it?



    I have thought about this far more than I probably should have over the past few years, and I think I have come to a logical conclusion:

    Team Name: Franklin F1
    Livery: White and orange (In my mind it differs greatly from that of Force India)
    Base: Haven’t thought about this too much, but preferably somewhere nice. Maybe somewhere like Canterbury, that’s a nice place.
    Engine: As others have eluded to, Mercedes are clearly a great engine supplier, fast and reliable, but probably reasonably expensive at the same time.
    Drivers: As much as I would love Jenson Button in the team, or some other top drivers, this would never be possible, as it goes against the rules of this thread, and the fact that I’m sure no-one would be drawn to a new team xD
    So, I’d probably try for a mix of experience and youth. At first thought, perhaps giving a chance to Frijns or Felix Da Costa (The latter of which may be able to provide a little of that Red Bull money my way :P) and either De La Rosa (I’m not a big fan of him, but he knows his way around an F1 car) or try to lure Barrichello back, for the same reason. Although, if it were possible, I would scout the field for female talent. I don’t know how much there is at the moment, and even if it is for the wrong reasons, having a female driver would certainly bring exposure to the team. I would just hope that it wouldn’t stunt the process of future female talents if she failed.

    If I went a step further as well, I’d try to see if I could get someone like Gary Anderson to head the development. If it were possible, he certainly couldn’t do any harm.

    Oh, how one can dream :)



    Well some of you will know this already…
    Firecruiser Racing Team (FRT for short)
    Based in Yorkshire (but registered as a Sealand entry)
    Orange and black colour scheme
    Probably have to give KK and da Costa a shot in the car



    The team name would be Team Paragon – I’ve always liked that word – based out of the UK as almost all teams are, possibly somewhere in the Midlands. Team colours would be green and silver, and choice of engines would be Mercedes, the safest bet.

    Considering that it’s a new start-up, I’d opt for a Marussia-style driver pairing. Jaime Alguersuari would supply his not-inconsiderable experience, both in racing and in Pirelli tyre testing, to lead the way in car development, while Sam Bird would be the untested rookie given a chance to prove himself (realistically speaking, he could possibly be on loan from our engine supplier).



    BanzaiF1, Based in Japan, White and Red colour scheme, we’ll convince Honda to make a monster of an engine! Drivers will be Kobayashi and Sato, test driver Nakajima!


    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    Name: Ingram GP
    Livery: British Racing Green, with black and white bits
    Base: Cambridge, UK, but registered as a Peruvian team
    Engine: Ferrari
    Drivers: Jaime Alguersuari and Jules Bianchi



    My Team:
    Name: Tigerblood F1 Team
    Based: Somewhere in the Westcountry region of the UK (probably close to Bristol)
    Colour Scheme: Green and Yellow
    Engine: Renault, as I think that a Mercedes engine would be too expensive, and I’d rather spend money on other areas of the team.
    Drivers: Would try to get Kamui Kobayashi as my number one choice as he is obviously an extremely fast driver. If Kobayashi didn’t want to come I would probably choose Jaime Alguersuari as he was fairly impressive in his time with Toro Rosso and has experience with the Pirelli tyres. For my number 2, I may choose Alguersuari if Kobayashi comes, but if he doesn’t I would probably choose Felix da Costa. I would like da Costa to do some testing if my preferred line-up of Kobayashi and Alguersuari came into fruition, with the view of da Costa replacing Alguersuari in the near future.



    I have two .. possibly 4 or 5

    1: Profazza Racing
    Based: California or near COTA, with a European Base in the Lea Valley.
    Colour Scheme: White, with a huge red ‘wave’ going along the side, up and down. Think a less sharp version of the Nike tick. (I’ve also modelled it on a NASCAR car, but that shan’t be posted)
    Engine: Renault, it seems to be a good safe option, but I’d have a team working on reliability.

    Drivers: Alexander Rossi as one, for that American exposure. Yuji Ide as one of the reserves. Hard choice for second driver, but I’d likely try to grab Barrichello or Alguersuari, Barrichello because he looks like a promising young driver, however inexperienced he might be, Alguersuari for the tyres. If Rossi proved to be rubbish, I’d go looking around for Sam Bird, Robin Frijns, definitely Glock as an option, and performance dependent Robert Wickens, Felipe Nasr or Filipe Albuquerque.

    We’d go with a fuel economy based car, along with developing things such as KERS that could be applied to road cars – going with a ‘Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday’ mentality. As such, we’d be pushing for more technical freedom. With Rossi around, we’d also be looking to attract high profile American sponsors, whatever they are.

    Overthought, much? Number 2 coming up.

    BanzaiF1, Based in Japan, White and Red colour scheme, we’ll convince Honda to make a monster of an engine! Drivers will be Kobayashi and Sato, test driver Nakajima!

    Didn’t go so well last time someone tried that.



    Team Name
    Kingshark GP Racing

    A combination of dark blue with cherry red.

    Vodafone and Santander would go very well with the red. Red Bull goes well with dark blue.

    Ferrari engine, gearbox and transmission.

    Brussels, Belgium. Although registered as a Canadian team.

    Robert Wickens and Kamui Kobayashi.

    Test Driver
    Gary Paffett and Marc Gene.

    Young Driver Program
    Robin Frijns and António Félix da Costa.

    Technical directors
    Pade Lowe and Lioc Bigios.

    Ross Brawn.

    Race Engineers
    Rob Smedley and Andrea Stella.



    @kingshark – I think Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes would all have something about you trying to pinch their employees ;)

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