What would your F1 Team be like?

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    I didn’t take anyone from Red Bull. Newey isn’t a magician, Pade Lowe clearly proved himself to be the superior car designer this season. ;-)

    Lioc Bigios is there to make that rocketship reliable.



    @kingshark – Just their sponsorship though? ;) haha.



    There’s no rule stating companies can only sponsor one team though, is there? :P



    I really like this thread, because I’m sure that everyone here has ever thought about what that would be like.

    Team name: Andae Racing
    Team colours: Blood red with black and silver as secondary (and tertiary) colours – I don’t think we’ve ever had that in F1 before.
    Engine: Mercedes, but it really doesn’t matter – as long as it makes the car go REALLY fast.
    Based: UK, as that is pretty much the place to be these days.
    Drivers: I think that when I’m finally in the position to found a team, the drivers of today will be driving their cars as showcars at Goodwood in the class ‘ugly post-2009 cars’. But if I were to pick drivers from the current market: Kovalainen and Kobayashi.



    Takes me back to the days of racing in the game Grand Prix 2!

    Team name: NP F1 Team
    Engine: Ferrari
    Drivers: for 2013 I’d pursue Kobayashi, Sutil or Kovalainen as the experienced driver, with Robin Frijns as second driver. I’d look into hiring Pedro de la Rosa as test driver, either him or Jarno Trulli. If he isn’t racing for Caterham next year, I’d sign Giedo van der Garde to wash the trucks on the paddock.
    Team colors: largely Red and Orange, Ferrari and the Netherlands. Alternatively red and a much darker shade, maybe brownish.
    Personally, I’ve been putting Coca Cola on my cars in the past, as well as Shell and Philips. I’d go on the offence and try to get a lot of local sponsors for overseas races as well.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Team name: Tramontane Grand Prix. The name is taken from the tramontana a northerly wind that blows through Spain, France and Italy. I feel that the name speaks of speed and a certain fluidity, embodying the traits that I would want my team to have.

    Engine: Renault. Renault have shown a willingness to back more teams than any other, and while the engine is down on power compared to, say, the Mercedes, it does have its own strengths. And a deal with Renault would not leave my team at the mercy of the will of Mercedes or Ferrari.

    Drivers: Rio Haryanto. Starting a team is going to be very expensive, and haryanto comes with plenty of funds and no strings attached to other teams. Based on his GP2 results, he’s a solid – if unspectacular – driver who would be well-suited to a start-up operation.

    Daniel Abt. I was tempted to take an older, more expeirenced driver here to develop the car, but the impact that Heikki Kovalainen and Pedro de la Rosa have had on Caterham and HRT has been disappointing. The best way forward is to take a promising driver, and rely on attracting engineering talent to improve the car. With that in mind, I will take Daniel Abt, who might not have blown the field away in GP3 this year, but he was the last man standing going into the final race, and came very close to winning the title.

    Tio Ellinas. I felt Ellinas did very well in GP3 this season, which was no small feat given taht he was not racing for Lotus or Arden. He would be the team’s third driver, combining his duties with a season in Formula Renault 3.5.

    Team colours: Electric blue and black with white trim. Sponsorship would come from Pertamina, Pepsi Max, bwin.party digital entertainment, HTC and the Astana Group.


    Piotr Koteryl

    Team Name: Phoenix Formula One Team – I have always loved the idea of setting up a motorsport team with the name “Phoenix”, although I was disappointed when I discovered that one based in Germany and racing in GT categories already existed! Phoenix F1 would be a different beast altogether.

    Engine Provider: Renault – With a Red Bull-esque emphasis on performance through aerodynamics and downforce, the Renault engine suits this sort of set-up.

    2013 Driver Line-up: Jaime Alguersuari and Heikki Kovalainen – Two drivers who I rate highly: Alguersuari was unlucky to lose his seat at Toro Rosso, and I see a lot of potential in him; and Kovalainen has a lot of experience at both ends of the field, so I believe that he would make a very good addition to the team. I would take Marco Sørensen as a test driver to give him some experience this season.

    Team Base: Hockenheim, Germany

    Team Colours: Dark blue with white, black and gold trim which goes to resemble feathered wings along the sidepods.

    Sponsors: I would use my links with HSBC Bank plc, as well as making a deal with Shell for fuel and oil in return for sponsorship. Toshiba would be another sponsor as well as a technical partner, and I would attempt to make a deal with Pepsi Max in return for major sponsor space.



    LIVERY: Pale Blue, Dark Blue and a Strong Red
    BASE: Ryton Prologis Park
    SPONSERS: Emirates and Samsung as title sponsors with Lloyds TSB and EE



    Team name : I would have picked Lotus but since is taken by another team I would say Kaiser GP
    Livery : I think a combination of red, white and black would do
    Base : Nurburgring :D
    Sponsors : Coca-Cola (they owe me:)) – title sponsor , Mobil fuel, Adidas, Allianz, AMD
    Engine : Mercedes
    Drivers : Adrian Sutil ( best driver without a contract in my opinion) Nick Heidfeld
    Test driver : Kamui Kobayashi ( a good driver who could step in when needed )



    Team Name: QuesadoGP (short name) Monster QuesadoGP Tech Racing Team (Full Name)

    Livery: Something like this…


    or this…


    Headquarters: Somewhere in the beautiful North of Portugal

    Sponsors: Monster for title sponsor, Total fuel, Nokia, Turism of Portugal, Toshiba, Auto Sueco

    Technical partnerships: Red Bull Technology (of course with no logo on the car, obviously didn’t think it through when I was drawing the sponsors…) for the gearbox, AMD, ANSYS and Toshiba as well. KERS would come from a partnership with Magneti Marelli.

    Engine Supplier: Renault

    Drivers: I would pick Antonio Felix da Costa, although he has a contract with Red Bull Junior Team, and Kamui Kobayshi. The reason for me to pick Antonio are clear, as he is a fellow countryman and a very talented driver. And I pick Koba because he’s an excelent racer and deserves to be in F1. For test driver I would have Daniel Abt, him replacing Kobayashi when I decides he’s not doing good enough.

    Young Driver Programme: For that I would pick rising portuguese karting driver Yohan Sousa. He just needs some backing to get better chances, I think.

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