What would your helmet be?

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    Theo Parkinson

    If you were a driver what would your helmet be like and how often would you change it?


    Bradley Downton

    Mainly Orange with British flag incorporated somehow although possibly not in the original colours. I’d also have my surname written across the back in the font Bradley Hand ICT, given my name is Bradley and it looks VERY similar to my handwriting, which is kind of creepy :P



    I’d use my helmet from iracing, been using the same one for three and a half years now and it feels very personal. The helmets show on the forums over there which is a great feature.
    helmet from iracing


    Piotr Koteryl

    Mine would have a matt black base, with a silver streak about a hand’s width going centrally up from the ‘mouth’ area up to a wider round section at the top of the helmet. That silver streak would also have a 3mm band of white outlining it, and a 3mm band of red beyond that, representing the Polish flag. My number (7) would be on the top of my helmet, and the back of the helmet would have the combination of the British and Polish flags that you see in my avatar.

    All in all, fairly simple to look at (although pretty tough to describe!)…



    A very simple helmet design :)

    Regarding how often I would change it: never, I don’t even want to change helmets. I love seeing helmets from the 1970s with damage that has accumulated throughout the years.



    Ι would have a Tony Kanaan style, but black with sliver chrome lines :)



    Something along the lines of JB’s helmet, but with different colours, and maybe a slightly different font for the initials on the side. Provisionally looking like this (Only more professional lol)




    My helmet would be used to protect my head ;)
    I’d probably like my helmet to blend in with the livery of the car



    This is the one I would use. The design has Nazca images, something part of Peruvian’s cultural heritage. Also our flag (red and white) and the letter O for Omar. (PS: I did the design just using PowerPoint and Paint, so sorry if it’s a little messy)




    Theo Parkinson

    If it was me I’d have a helmet with a colour somewhere in between British racing and Spitfire green. It would have the red, white and blue spitfire symbol on the top with 36 written in chrome. The only change I would make would be the circuit I’m racing on on the back with that countries flag inside.



    I thought I’d go with a patriotic helmet.




    I’ve been using the same helmet since 2003 in various sims (starting with Grand Prix 3, currently running it in rFactor and the like). I’ve gotten quite attached to it over the years, so I’d probably use that one!

    Most recently seen in an Onyx…

    JK Helmet


    I must update the pic I put. I’m colorblind (hehehe) the previous picture was brown instead of red. Anyway, here it is (and let me say it looks tidier)

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