What year do you think had the best looking F1 cars in the 2009-2014 era so far?

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    My favorite years go like this
    1. 2011
    I prefer 2012 over 2010 because i didn’t care for the F-ducts much. What do you guys think?



    2009-2011 were some great looking cars, aside from the small rear/large front wings. If they had been the other way round, I’d be hard pressed to argue against them being the prettiest F1 cars since the mid 60’s or some of the Ground Effect cars of ’78/79.

    I guess that 2011 was the nicest looking of the years your asking about, then 2009 & 2010 respectivly. This years, Mclaren/Marussia aside, arent so nice because of those noses. Yet, I seem to be looking past that now, but its still there.



    Gotta be 2010, if only based on the W01 abd R30 alone *drool*.


    Keith Collantine

    I haven’t liked the cars much since the 2009 aero regs change – the front and rear wing look like they’ve been taken from different cars and stuck on.

    The near-ubiquitous nose steps make this years’ cars look even worse.



    2011. 2010 had the shark fin covers that I disliked, this year’s cars have the stepped noses and the wheelbase of the 2009 cars was much too short because refueling was still allowed.

    And no offense Keith, but you didn’t even provide an answer…



    This year is certainly ugliest. 2010 had too many shark fins. So either 2009 or 2011. Tough call.



    Scratch that. The new wings are pretty bad. But in 2009 the cars were shorter, which just exacerbated the look of disparity between the front and rear. 2010, despite some annoying F-ducts, possibly had the largest field of nice cars, with competition from 2011. The Renault R30 doesn’t stand out for me- the car did look pretty good, but that was almost solely livery. The bluff nose, which should be hideous, was somehow actually complemented by the classic Renault colours (as proved by the ungainly R30 at Goodwood in JPS colours). In contract, the R31 was a nice looking car let down by a poor livery. But 2010 had the only pretty Ferrari I remember for a long time, the Williams (although not bad in 2011) was very pretty, and the Red Bull slightly nicer than in 2011. Conversely, in 2010 the Mercedes W01 was ugly, as was the Toro Rosso, Sauber and every new team. the McLarens were equally ugly but interesting in each year.



    1: 2010
    2: 2011
    3: 2009
    4: 2012

    2010 was the best, nice liveries and complex wings. Can’t think of a bad looking car that year, apart from the battleship gray HRT.
    2011 were pretty decent too.
    2009 was too simple in regards to the aero (boxy wings. See BMW F1.09) for my liking.
    2012 cars look awful with the nose bumps, hopefully they sort it out for 2013.



    2011. The RB7 is a piece of art! My favourite car since the MP4/20.



    2009 brawn bgp 001, especially early in the season before it grew the vertical sidepod leading edge things.



    2009 had the ugliest cars by far. All of them looked like a bunch of snow plows. 2012 cars are fairly good looking, but the noses just turn me off. The 2010 cars were great, but had too many shark fins. I guess 2011 beats it, but all of them are nowhere near as attractive as the cars in 2007-08 were.

    1. 2011
    2. 2010
    3. 2012
    4. 2009



    1. 2009
    2. 2011
    3. 2012
    4. 2010

    I heavily despise the longer looking cars. Even though that’s there for a good reason (refueling ban), it still makes them ugly as hell.

    2010’s shark fins were easily the ugliest thing we’ve seen this millenium, even beating the platypus noses.



    Best looking car for me was the 2011 Ferrari. :)



    I loved the Brawn GP car so:
    1. 2009
    3.2010 – wasn’t a fan of the F-Ducts/Sharkfins
    4.2012 – urgh noses



    I’ll say 2009 because it closest to 2008, which was the last year the cars looked good. Having said that, some of the add ons to the 2008 cars were ugly, like the bunny ears on the Honda.

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