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    The 1995 F1 season ended on a low note, when Mika Hakkinen crashed his McLaren in Adelaide and was left seriously injured. He nearly died in Ron Denis` car.

    Kubica can use this as motivation. Mika went on to win the WDC in 1998 and then again in 1999. While much has been made that his injury is the end. This is NOT true. It is just the beginning of a different era in Kubica`s life.



    True, there is always a chance to be optimistic in life. However, If Kubica ever gets to jump in an F1 car again, will he follow a similar path to that of Massa?

    Only time will tell I guess.



    I would think it’s not so much the motivation to win that gets a kick up the backside if you have a bad accident…more to do with if the car your driving is competitive!



    Massa’s car was competitive last year, but he seemed to lose the pace he had in the first half of 2009.



    Probably something to do with the spring hitting him in the head at 200mph, resulting in missing ALOT of car time.



    Of course, Kubica may come back and be exceptional. But for every Mika Hakkinen story (or perhaps, Alex Zanardi might be a better example here), there are others – of unfulfilled promise. Martin Brundle and Johnny Herbert for example, or more recently Massa.

    Crashes change people’s lives. Not just physically, as I have no doubt that Kubica will be as physically fit as he can be. Mentally though, he’ll have a different fear to the other drivers. If he can get past that, I have no doubt he’ll be competitive. But that will be exceptionally difficult



    well, Schumi won 5 titles after recovering from his broken leg



    Yes, but it was broken, not mashed up.

    I know a lot of people hold Robert dear to their hearts but his undoubted skill won’t be enough to see him back at the sharp end. I just hope if he does come back and doesn’t become a champion people won’t use his accident as an excuse.



    @icthyes Of course they will, and quite honestly they can. NO one can deny the fact that, if given a race winning car, Kubica could battle for the championship. 2008 proved that, and had BMW not began their (failed) development program for 09 mid way through the season, he could have been fighting for the WDC with Massa and Hamilton. However, thats not how things happened, and now that his possibilities of becoming a champion have become close to none, his fans are going to blame that accident. Because they can, and because honestly, the accident IS to blame.

    @pepsiperfect I’m not sure from that comment if your pro Kubica coming back and winning, or against it. Either way, he most likely will need a season in the mid field to get back to grips.

    @andy92 Yes, Massa isn’t winning races anymore, but I think it has more to do with not winning the WDC in 08 than the accident. Performance is usually affected if a crucial body part needed for racing is injured (A hand or leg). I’m not saying you don’t need your head to be quick (You need your head to do anything), but I’m saying that a broken skull and a gash above your eye is NOT going to impair your driving skills. And after accidents like this, drivers of this caliber usually don’t become scared of racing. So thats why I think it wasn’t the accident that has slowed him, but the fact that he didn’t win in 08.



    Nobody has died in a Mclaren F1 car – which is a piece of info that I picked up earlier today, but Mika and many other’s lifes have been saved by Mclarens – it’s all down to the full carbon constrution they pioneered in the early 1980s.



    We can deny it, because it’s never been proven. He’s never been measured directly against the best in the same equipment. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.



    Not sure why Ron Denis is mentioned specifically in OP about the car, surely its not his fault individually.

    Remembering the crash I think the car held up very well.



    In direct response to the comment;

    Not sure why Ron Denis is mentioned specifically in OP about the car

    Clarification of the statement:

    Ron Dennis is mentioned to help to explain why many thought that

    Mika enjoyed preferential treatment. The bond between Mika and Dennis,

    was there because of the incident. DC probably became frustrated by this

    bond and their relationship.

    Lewis is a protg, though will never enjoy the same relationship that

    Mika had.

    Mika will never be replaced, just super-seeded. Many talk about Mclaren

    being Lewis` team.

    When Buttons contract expires, it would be fantastic for Mika to return home.

    Ron is developing Mclaren road car. For it`s launch what better than to have Mika

    rallying it. He has done the artic ralley in Finland, and other rally

    Ron is building the Mclaren road car, what better for

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