When was the last F1 race you missed?

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    Missing an F1 race is one of the worst things that can happen to me, but sometimes it does. Fortunately I can watch the races a few hours later on our broadcaster’s site, but I always know the result by then. Anyway, I dream the day I’ll tell my kids “I’ve watched all F1 races since 2000-something”, so, just out of curiosity, when was the last F1 race you didn’t watch, and for what reason?

    Mine is the 2008 Belgium GP, as I wasn’t at home and there wasn’t any television or internet connection where I was. I also missed the 2010 Monaco GP, due to some rather tragic circumstances, and to my great shame I didn’t watch this year’s Malaysian GP because I was so tired after a stressful week that I couldn’t wake up (the race was at 4am here), even though the alarm clock was set just beside my bed! But I watched those two races shortly afterwards.



    last race I didnt watch was the 2010 Adu Dhabi race, so in my eyes Alonso is champion lol, I was at work and heard the result so never bothered watching it

    I missed most of the 2010 season due to work but in the closed season I changed jobs to one that doesnt include sundays :D



    i missed Hungary 2010 because i was on holiday and we had no TV. Probably i’ll miss it again for the same reason…



    I miss a few races every now and then because of work but I watch them on iplayer not long after they finished but the last race I missed completely was Bahrain 2008 when I was in Canada



    I missed silverstone this year except for the final 7 laps.



    2007 European Grand Prix, starting from Hungary (the following race) I became a fully fleged F1 fan, before then I just watched it when it happened to be on. I’ve missed a few qualifying sessions however including Abu Dhabi 2010 when I had a friend around, and Italy 2009 when I was hungover from a party the night before.



    I’ve only been watching since the start of 2008, but since then I’ve missed Spain 2009 and Turkey 2009 due to badly scheduled lunches, Monaco 2009 due to a school trip to Normandy, and luckily Germany last year because I was on holiday



    I started watching in 2007, and i have never missed a minute of F1 qualy or race since then and seen most of the practice sessions, but tragedy…. Silverstone 2011, on the motorway, 11:30, horror ensues… … … Traffic jam, i listened to the first hour on 5 live, and as much a murry walker is amazing as a commentator, its not the same, and i counted it as a miss :(


    Ned Flanders

    Nice idea for a thread. Apparently Keith has not missed a single race since the early 90’s or something crazy, so beat that someone!

    I quite often don’t watch a race live, because I’m asleep, or busy, or whatever. But, in those cases I simply record it to watch later, and make sure I don’t find out what the result is until I’ve seen it, so I’m effectively seeing them live

    I could possibly even count on one hand the races I’ve missed completely since 2001, when I became a true fanatic. Off the top of my head, there’s Hungary 2002, Germany 2005, Malaysia 2007, and probably a few more I can’t think of right away.

    Unfortunately, I am going to have to add to that tally shortly. I’m scheduled to be on a 24 hour train in Turkey during the Singapore GP. This doesn’t actually frustrate me as much it would have done a few years ago- I hope that’s not a sign my F1 obsession is slipping?…


    Fer no.65

    I often miss the races at Malaysia, China and so on, because I just dont’ want to wake up at 3 in the morning, watch them, and sleep again. They repeat them at 9 am anyway, so I just wake up and don’t read anything about the result because I watch them.

    I do watch those flyaway races on the last bit of the season, as big things are played (I watched Korea last year… sadly for me).

    Other than that, the last time I properly missed a race was Australia 2010, because I attended a race at Buenos Aires. It was the first race I had missed since Australia 2003!!



    I missed Germany and Hungary 2010 (don’t make me remember it!) because where I was the TV wasn’t working as the region was switching from analog to digital TV and the television set didn’t support it – but sometimes it worked, sometimes not.



    Canada 2010. And… the good part of Canada 2011, as Brazilian broadcaster switched to regular schedule after ~2.5 hours.



    I missed Silverstone this year and was quite disappointed because I knew it was going to be a good race. It wasnt my fault since I went camping with the family and friends.



    The last one I missed was Valencia this year. I was out. As I’m 15, I have a lot of school trips/youth groups/parent outings which means I miss a few. But if I do miss a race, I watch the highlights on BBC 3, and if it’s a real real good one (and I don’t remember missing a great one) then I’ll watch it all on the iPlayer.

    Although I have watched every race bar Spain and Valencia this year. I wqtched the BBc 3 highlights of those.



    Vinicius, why didn’t you get a BBC stream link at F1F Live at the Canadian GP? Thank God there was a working stream, or else I’d still be damning Globo to this day!

    Too bad football is much more important to them than F1…

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